HI! and How To??

I have an old franklin covey binder. It's the compact size. I love it, but I'm not too keen on the 6 ring set up. Has anybody modded a franklin planner to have fewer rings? Which rings do I cut?

I love this site and I think all the pages everybody has created are wonderful. I'm looking forward to getting organized, although this is far far far from the first time I've attempted to use a planner. All my other attempts have ended in failure, but I think that with how customizable this is I've got a much better shot this time.
Goodness knows I've got a lot to keep track of! I'm going back to college in the summer, I've got a small business that I'm helping open, and do the taxes for! Not to mention the child, the chickens, and all the other household miscellany that tends to fall to the wife.

Wish me luck and thanks in advance on any advice on my planner.

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Folks have tried removing rings

and ended up with a ruined binder.

See here: http://www.diyplanner.com/node/157#comment-39686

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Well crap. So breaking out

Well crap. So breaking out the dremmel won't help. Especially since I just realized it's a compact not a classic, so I can't just fold the paper in half either. XP Stupid proprietary paper sizes and ring placement.

Also, I just realized you're the author of the dynamic templates program. It's wonderful! Thanks so much for putting it out there!!

too much work

I am not afraid to make my own templates, but I broke down and purchased inserts for my FC compact planner as trying to get front and back pages to align when printing was going to be more effort that I was willing to put in.

I did notice that FC does sell blank pre-punched compact pages, so that might be an option if you still want to make your own template.