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I have a hard time keeping track of which bills I've paid and which bills are outstanding. My AHS (Any horizontal surface) method of organization can be a bit chaotic at times, and while I've never had anything shut off (That one time with the internet doesn't count, right? It was their fault after all.) there have been times when it's been a bit dicey.
So, in order to combat this tendency, I made this template to help me keep track of who/what/when/where/and how much.
It's only got a left-hand space for holes because I don't generally use the back sides of pages. I know, bad precycler. I think it would be good to stick this on a pocket page too, to hold the bills!
I'm still figuring out the widget so I'll probably upload a classic size in addition to letter, and provide a second page with the hole space on the right later.

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Gather together your bills and make a page for each. You can put the average amount you pay each month in the notes if you like. That can make it easier to budget.
Fill in the name/address/phone number/account number fields right away.
When your bill arrives each month fill in the amount due and the date due right away.
When Pay All The Bills day arrives, fill out the amount paid and the date paid fields.
Payment method allows you to state if you paid by check, internet, or phone. Confirmation number is for the confirmation number you get when you pay by phone or 'net, or the check number you used.
The notes section is helpful for when you have to call customer service and you need a space for all those ticket numbers, (In a billing spat with AT&T I discovered how helpful keeping track of that sort of thing is.) or to note any extra fees associated with the bill. Late fees, debit card fees, pay by phone fees, etc.

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Very nice and useful

I'm taking over the family budget next month (my husband and I trade off), and this form will work great since I also use the AHS method (love that name).