Help - 4x6 Printing

I am not at all new to planners in fact on some level I think I really am in love with planners. I have had several sizes and types including my Palm Zire 71. But the truth of it is I realy LOVE working on paper. Ijust work better that way.

I have been toying around with what will work for me and I have found that a "mini photo" album from Wal-Mart works great! It will hold 36-4x6 index cards and I am able to keep what I need with a few extra cards for writing notes and such. However I would love to have some of the Hipster PDA pages for my not quite Hipster. I would greatly appreciate any help with up-sizing the 3x5 versions.


Deb in Kansas

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Hi Deb

Sorry for the delay The simplest way is to enlarge the graphic version of the DIY hPDA v3, with something like The Gimp. Or by help do you mean something else? ;)

Thank you for the

Thank you for the information - I forgot to post I did find a way to print 4x6 I just kept reading the site and trying things and I was able to do it. Please don't apologize for the delay - we all have busy lives!

Thanks again