micro monthly planner

Looking for a micro (about 3x5) monthly planner,wire bound or loose leaf that can fit in a man's rear trouser pocket
somewhat inobtrusively!!!! Any suggestions

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The Official DIY Planner

The Official DIY Planner Hipster PDA has a template for a month on the one card (5 weeks of 7 days) or one month across 2 cards if you want something a bit larger.


Obviously not bound but an elastic band will be more discreet than a wire bound in the hip pocket and it will not take any space of what is a very small template.

If you want to go commercial, try a Colplan 11W.V59-YY. It is a 2 year planner month to an opening about 3.5 x 7 or 88x175, stapled and in a plastic cover. The "-YY" of the product code is actually the year value of the first of the two years in the planner, viz. V59-11 is for 2011 and 2012.

Bob H.

The littlest planner - Fobster

If you want something very small, there's also the Fobster which fits on a key chain or in a business card case

One page template for "slightly larger fobster" 2.5x1.5 inch http://www.diyplanner.com/node/793

And then there is always

The Dynamic Templates which can make them any size you want.
Index card size or as small as business card size, no problem.
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