Simply Silver - Full Package of Templates (2011)

Set includes Monthly Calendars, Budget Templates, Bank Registers, Master To-Do Lists, and Daily Pages for May through December 2011. Also included is the Weekly To-Do List template, used for a page finder (3 per page, can be printed duplex).

The daily pages are in a one day per page format with areas for notes, to-do list, assignments due, assignments received, and a daily schedule section in 30 minute increments from 7 AM until 10 PM.

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I use this as a system to balance my life as a full-time student and full-time employee, but it can be used for either situation very easily.

These templates can be used in any order. I suggest printing everything duplex to reduce weight. In my system, I include the Budget on the back of the Calendar and make sure to print a duplex of both the Bank Register and Master To-Do List.

The Weekly To-Do Page Finder is set up to be printed duplex and cut into three equal pieces.

I will also upload this package in pieces with the a source file to edit to your needs.

Public Domain
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Adobe Reader
SS - May-Dec 2011 - Full Package.pdf1.14 MB
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This is a great template, do you have one for 2012?

In the works..

I'm working on a new one for 2012. It will have more room for the to-do list and likely an "Inbox" area rather than an "Assignments Received" section on each page. I'm also working on a similar Classic size template. I will post them both as soon as they're polished and ready.


Have you completed this? I'm anxiously seeking your update!

2012 Templates

Yep, it's posted...

Here's the link to the 2012 version: