3x5 Card Wall Chart/Organizer

I came across this wall display on the web (the 'Big-Grid'): http://www.magnatag.com/page/BIG/board/grid-organizer-whiteb....
It looks pretty awesome. I really like the idea of being able to lay-out a bunch of 3x5 cards on a wall for various projects and so-forth. But the price is a little too high for my tastes.

So, I thought there must be a neat DIY way to make a 3x5 wall display.

I found this method which just uses a little tape: http://www.flickr.com/photos/travisezell/4339331395/. This looks like an easy, straight-forward method, but I'd like a way to put cards on the wall, then take them off as needed, stick them in my pocket, and go. The little bit of tape makes the cards a little messy/less elegant.

Perhaps some binder clips attached to the wall might work (not sure how to attach the clips), or envelopes, or something else would do.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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Post-It Index Cards

or make them yourself with a Post-It adhesive glue stick
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You can get yourself a large piece of cardboard or fiberboard, cover it with a little fabric and batting, then attach some ribbon running in a diagonal grid, maybe using buttons to hold it relatively tightly. The idea is you slide the cards under the ribbons to hold them on the wall.

Of course, that's a little fussy.

You could also pick up a corkboard or cork tiles and use pins to attach your cards to the cork.

Or you could use pins with the cardboard..

Or you could get a bunch of photo sleeves and stick them to the wall, then slip the 3x5s into the sleeves..



It seems to me tht JudyOfTheWoods made something like this. You might want to check out her blog: Judy Of the Woods.

She's loaded with organizer ideas, and may even reply to this. ;-)


How have I never come across her site before?

So many wonderful things!

Here is the first page about her organizing board system:


I am absolutely going to make a (undoubtedly tweaked) version this very weekend. :)

Some card hanging ideas

Hi Aaron

Unfortunately I can't see the magnatag site as it's blocked to people outside the USA and Canada.

But, judging by your sticky tape idea ... here are a few ideas.

1. a metallic whiteboard from a $2 shop and fridge magnets. This gives you the option to write on the whiteboard.

2. Make a planning wall hanging. Get a cheap tab topped or rail-pocket curtain from a charity shop/$2 shop and a piece of dowel to slide through the holes. Glue or staple lengths of ribbon or strips of clear plastic to top of the curtain and then attach the ribbons to the curtain with dabs of glue, so to leave a gaps under the ribbon you can slide the card into. Tie thread to the dowel and hang it.

3. Get an poster you don't want with a clean back, stick photo corners on it in the places you want to put the cards.

4. Attach a mesh net to the wall (or to a frame of some sort, or a dowel) and hang cards from it using little clips or clothes pegs.

5. Measure how big you want your hanging space to be. Buy twice the length of clear plastic sheeting. Cut a piece the size of your hanging space. Then cut the rest into strips slightly wider than the width of your cards. Glue the strips to the large sheet to form rows of pockets.

6. Make tiny shelves for your cards by attaching thin strips of wood or beading to the wall or a board. So you can stand cards on the beading like pictures on little shelves.

Thanks for the comments

Many good suggestions- thank you!

I found this concept after digging around: kanban. Google it or search for it at flickr. It looks like a cool organization technique. Post-it notes seems the norm with the kanban method. I like post-it notes, but with 50 post-it notes on the wall, I'd seriously be afraid of a bunch falling off and getting lost.



I am using a variation on this method, but I don't need to show this stuff to anyone but myself, so instead of sticking stuff on the wall, I have a couple of different containers.

One is a circa-bound book containing pockets. Mine is classic size (half-letter) so the pockets are oversize for 3x5 cards. I have one for 'inbox', one each for to-do, doing, and done, and a couple of special purpose pockets for specific things I have to track. This one is quite portable, slim, and simple. I am pleased with it for taking stuff on the road, which I have to do occasionally but not all the time.

The other one is actually a small wood box made for 3x5 cards. I picked it up unfinished at Ben Franklin for $4, on sale that day for $3. Actually I picked up three of these boxes so if my kids saw and envied I could pawn them off and keep them out of my stuff. :) The last time I had a wood box for 3x5 cards they absconded and now it's adorned with my children's names, misc scribbles, flowers, etc. in crayon and washable marker, and it holds marbles. Anyway, the box has some tabs. I've sorta debated putting my 43-tabs in the box, and they're there, but I don't have that much stuff that needs to happen on designated days/months. Dunno if I'm going to want to get to that detail level yet.

So the kanban model of to-do, doing, done doesn't have to be up on the wall, unless you really want it there.


3x5 card wall chart/organizer

Uline carries clear vinyl "envelopes", either magnetic or adhesive. You could us a magnetic whiteboard or a piece of galvanized sheet metal with the magnetic envelopes, or poster board or foam core with the adhesive ones.. Since the "envelopes" are clear, they are more usable than packing list type holders used in shipping, and with the side loading you can easily remove the cards you want to take with you.

Another route is to use magnetic letter size pages cut in fourth

They can be used as is or cut in four pieces making a magnetic card roughly 3x5 size.

Because their original purpose is to make custom fridge magnets with words or artwork, lines or grids can be printed on them.

They work very well with dry-erase markers.

Those magnetic sheets can be placed on fridges or other stainless appliances in the kitchen and on attractive stainless steel board which can be hanged with a few small nails or held with hooks on a steel shelf in dorm rooms, bedrooms, family rooms or home offices.

The stainless steel board are sold at Home and Office Supplies stores.

Because I rent, I mostly use the fridge and the steel board hanged with hooks on a steel shelf.

Strong magnets hold the occasional paperwork such as doc appointments cards, coupons, etc...

This set up can be scaled up to wall size by using a big sheet of stainless steel held by strong screws.

What I love about that system is that it is portable and environmentally friendly because everything is reusable.

I bought the product below:

The one I have is the Magnetic Bulletboard by Umbra®

Cheaper alternative to the Avery product but I have not experience with it.