Looking for a brown leather classic zip binder

I am very happy with my new classic size DIY planner. Now I'm looking for a nice leather binder to house it. I found some black leather binders at my local OfficeMax with zippers, but I want something in brown. I have a brown Coach briefcase and I'd like to find something that matches as closely as possible. A zipper closure is also a requirement.

Any ideas?

Also, does anyone have experience using the russell & hazel mini binders for their planner? They look pretty cool.



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Hi Bill

Hi Bill

I had a quick look on the Coach website and I am still no wiser as to the shade of brown you require, so consider this quick list as a starting point:

Day Runner - Venice Organizer

Day-Timer - Western Coach Zippered Binder

Day-Timer - Verona Leather Multi-Pocket Zipper Binder

Day-Timer - Zippered Distressed Leather Binder

Avoid Day-Timer 'Armorhide' models, the polyurethane coating degrades in sunlight.

Franklin-Covey - Classic Profiler Binder