filofax 2-page week on a classic form?

Is there a template that looks like the Filo 2-page/week that would fit classic size?

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Filofax weekly

Have you tried the Classic/A5 Edition, specifically the Calendar package? Barring that, can you point us to an example of what it looks like?

all my best,

Classic Calendars...

Hi Anne

There are two style of 'A Week on Two Pages' in the DIY calendar pack. Take a look at pages 28 - 31.

Doug, the Filofax A5 size can be see at diary refills Scroll down to the Week on Two Pages 2007 Diary and press 'show layout' for a picture, but be warned it is ugly...

filofax A5 - diary refills

Thanks for the response... I saw the styles in the DIY pack, but the filofax layout works a bit better for me... thanks again.