Rollabind @ Ripoff Report

In this posting, in describing their experience of trying to order a punch from Rollabind, cdecker says :

I got a confirmation email from PayPal and from Rollabind shortly after. PayPal lists "SJ CREATIVE LLC" as the person/company receiving the payment which is a little suspicious.

I would agree. That does stink a bit, considering past history.
So, I consulted my friend, Google, with "SJ CREATIVE LLC" (including the quotes).

I got 5 links. They all point, directly or indirectly to a site called Ripoff Report with a motto of "By consumers, for consumers... Don't let them get away with it® Let the truth be known!"

More specifically, I found this page: Rollabind | Ripoff Report Directory

A list of 9 complaints - and they all sound so familiar to folks of this forum.

Even more specifically, SJ Creative LLC is noted in this most recent posting: Rollabind SJ Creative LLC Another Rollabind Ripoff: More Runaround from Rollabind. Check it out. Lots of interesting goodies from the Florida Attorney General's Office of Citizen Services about where to direct complaints.

  • The Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is
    a combined effort of the National White Collar Crime Center and the FBI to
    combat Internet fraud.

  • The Federal Trade Commission
  • Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida
  • Broward County Consumer Protection Office

The fun and games continue :)
A friend once said that the word provocateur describes me at times. Like now ? >:D

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