Grieving is over

I needed to post this to help put closure on a bad month.

About 3 months ago, my TREO's speaker stopped working so I couldn't use the phone anymore. Because it was outdated, the insurance I was paying on the phone over the past 4 years turned out to be worthless. I decided against the expense of a Smartphone and data plan. I found a great store manager at a Verizon store who credited me the money I should have received through my insurance plan and sold me a $10 Samsung flip phone. The point is I had no way of transferring my Contacts and Calendar from my Palm Treo to the new phone and so I essentially lost all my information. I decided to switch back to what I had always loved using as a student and young professional... a paper planner.

My wife had a cheap pleather Classic size planner she never used and I stocked it with an assortment of commercially made and customized pages and tabs. My ex-associate, with his iphone, made even more fun of me (not the reason I left the business). I went to the nearest Franklin and Covey store to get emotional support and verify that there are still paper planner people out there that are alive and well.

I was loving my new planner and the felt proud of the hours I spent making it "my own". Then I started at the NEW office, part time... Two weeks ago I left my planner on top of my desk top computer which sits on the floor under my desk. It is not within sight unless you are in the office room itself. I called my office at 5pm that day and had my receptionist read me some contact info. from the planner. I told her to put the binder back on top of the computer. The next morning at 7:45am, the planner was gone. I never knew how devastating this could be. One- because someone deliberately sabotaged me and took it and two, because of all the information I had in it that was so important in helping me start my new business. I'm sure there are some out there that can appreciate this.

After consistently not sleeping because of this, I started to rethink if a paper planner is the right way to go. I couldn't escape how well a planner fits me though. I thought about Circa and the smaller hipster method. I had my eye on an expensive planner at Franklin Covey and finally broke down and bought it. I just spent a few days making it my own again- starting from scratch. I'm back to being motivated and have learned some valuable lessons. I'm done grieving. As they say, this will only make me stronger.

Anyone else had a planner stolen or lost?

I now have a "Reward For Return" sticker from on the front plastic page holder. I hope I never have to use it.

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You had to live threw the

You had to live threw the nightmare of all who use paper planning. Loss is one of the biggest down sides. Thanks so much for sharing the site.

I keep all my contacts electronically and backed up. I keep my calendar on google so I can coordinate with others, and have a back up. The innefficent part of the calendar is that I copy the stuff to paper once a week. I think I should start scanning or making copies of my important pages. I'd still be devastated if someone took my planner.

BTW, good luck on starting the business. I am in the process of starting my own engineering consulting business. I'm having much fun using my stash of office supplies.

I feel for you

I feel for you and your loss. I had a planner taken once when I was mugged. It was in my hand when I put them up to defend myself. It was an old DayRunner with mostly useless info, and I was still really upset by it. A few years after that I moved over to the Franklin system and took their TimeQuest course. At the time, they really stressed keeping the planner with you or near you at all times. I still live by that rule, but at least now I use a Circa planner, which is a little bit smaller and more portable. I have often referred to my planner as my 'second brain' so I decided to treat it that way, and keep it close.


Oh Jake, losing your planner must to hurt a lot especially so soon after your faithful Treo stopped working. It is all the worse when its a theft at work, which makes it hard to look at co-workers in the same way again. It could be sabotage, it could be someone trying to find out info on your previous employer and steal your clients, or it could be just an act of stupid thievery.

However, if you had replaced your Treo with an electronic planner and left it at work it would probably have disappeared just as quickly ... if not faster.

Re backups, when I was using a ring bound planner, as soon as I'd set up my key contacts and project info I photocopied the pages (reducing 2 pages into 1 on the copier) so I at least had a starting backup. If your copier or fax has the ability to do it, you could scan the pages and email them to yourself as a pdf.

As to paper planners. Yes, there are pros and cons and electronic updating is a wonderful thing. However, I always find it amusing when I'm travelling overseas and my only concern is putting a pen, that won't leak in an airplane, into my small planner and buying a small paper notebook (I buy a cheap throwaway mobile phone overseas). While my fellow travellers are worrying about power cords, international power plugs, overseas net connections, thief-resistant bags, etc, etc.

Thanks for the responses.

Thanks for the responses. Katrina, you're so right about the way in which I view the staff in the office now. I'm actively scouting for my own office, so this will all be a thing of the past soon.
I'm loving my new planner. It's the Franklin Covey Supremo binder and it's up and running. It is gorgeous Cognac colored pebble grained leather. It comes in black also. There's a zippered version and a slimmer open version.
There were two things that I missed from the old planner that was recently stolen. My Post It note supply page and my slotted index card page. Filofax makes an accessory for Post It Notes, but after my new binder and refill purchase, I'm done buying planner stuff. The "index card file" as I call it, isn't made anymore. I decided to make both of these accessories myself. I'm posting pictures since I think they came out well.
Thanks again for posting your experiences and thoughts. Now it's off to being productive.

been there...

done that... got the panic attacks. ;-)

Actually, it's happened to me, both with a paper planner and an electronic. Years ago, I stupidly placed my DayTimer (the genuine article, with an expensive leather cover on it) on top of my car, and drove off to work. I only lived "around the corner" from work, and somebody actually found it next to the entrance to campus, and dropped it off at the info desk. Since my name, etc. were inside, it was restored to me very quickly.

Years later, I had an Apple Newton MessagePad that I turned my back on, leaving it in the shopping buggy while putting my child in the car. Somebody snitched it. This happened in Poland, and I'm sure they thought it was a man bag with money inside. I am pretty sure they just tossed the whole thing once they opened it and discovered what was inside. Very frustrating! And since Newtons never synced well to desktop computers, this was a great loss.

On numerous other occasions, I've left my Newton or DayTimers behind in shops or shopping buggies, but I've always gotten them back, except for the one theft. But it has been a long-standing family joke about my panic attacks. ;-) Trust me, you'll probably have them now too... You aren't alone.


I use my cell phone for paper planner backup

My cell phone camera resolution is great, so I take pictures of my planner pages and upload to Evernote. That way, I have the info and it is also searchable (sort of, given my handwriting). It's not the perfect solution, but for the interim, it seems to be working.

Excellent solution

I love this idea- taking digital photos of the important planner pages instead of the hassle of copying pages. I'm on it! I feel a whole lot better now about backing up my info. No extra pages to keep, no waiting to be near a copier, no papers to transfer. Excellent!


Geez - I'm so sorry some creep had to cause that kind of grief. I'm in a similar boat: my trusty Tungsten E died after almost 10 years of glorious service. I've had an on-again/off-again love affair with paper planners. I can't seen consigning all the information to electronics that I don't always have access to (Google docs, for example), but I worry about losing my paper. All in all, I do prefer the paper planner, but I'm still not happy with the solutions I've found/concocted. Wishing the best on planner safety!