Avery Mini Binders as Planners

I received an e-mail from Avery pushing their mini-binders as DIY planners. Interesting pocket, but they are a little thick. Would be nice if you carry a lot of stuff. Anyway here's the link to:

It’s Mini! It’s Mighty! And Made for On-the-Go Organization

This kind of drives me crazy because I'm currently using Circa, briefly pondered going back to Franklin Covey and now this. I'm commited to staying with one system for at least a year. I've made it 5 months so far, let's see if I can keep on going.

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I got tempted by the Avery mini too

But I've held out so far. Five months is a long time for me to stick with a single planner. Good for you!

I'll be very interested in buying their accessories, tabs etc...

But Avery's website is really buggy.

Their "find a retailer" link is not working.

Using a search engine to find the tab dividers shows no result.

In the U.S, out of the 3 major office supply retailers, only Staples has the mini binders.

Accessories, including the write on tabs I am interested in, they are great, I have the same for letter binders, are nowhere to be purchased.

Why spending time promoting a product before opening up retail channels?

It boggles the mind.

I use the mini binder and accessories

I have been able to find most of the Avery products at Amazon. I do use those write-on tabs for note-taking in books.

Write on tabs

For Avery mini binders are now .50 per pack at Chicago area Staples.

saw them at Staples last year

I saw these at Staples last year and I was sorely tempted to purchase but managed to leave it all behind. It was an enticing display - a stand alone display unit with the binders in multiple colors, various inserts, other Avery products (tabs, etc.) you could use with the products, etc. It was difficult to resist but I have a system that was working well at the time so was able to resist temptation.

Staples has/had them

I actually wrote a somewhat lengthy post about the Avery Classic/Juniopr size stuff not too long ago when I found it at a local Staples. Pockets, sheet protectors, tab dividers, monthly tabs, and A-Z tabs. Shortly after I wrote that post, I was in a different Staples and everything except the binders was marked down to $1.50 or less.

Here was my original post, probably put it in the wrong subforum to get any attention. http://www.diyplanner.com/node/12298

Great review!

Avery sells their other stuff at all office supply stores, I have an Office Depot nearby, but the half page size supplies are only at Staples.

Despite being in a major metropolitan area, the closest Staples is in smaller towns, the
nearest being 70 miles away.

Very annoying!