Guillotine vs. Sliding blade paper cutter

What are the advantages of a Guillotine paper cutter over one that slides with a blade?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Personal opinion, since I

Personal opinion, since I don't use either very often, but I use both. Slider is more accurate. Guillotine will cut more pages at a time, but if you're not careful, will get a curve at one end of the cut. Especially if you use a poorly designed one like the Xacto.

For my DIY planner pages, I go to FedEx/Kinkos and just get a ream of their heaviest paper that isn't card stock and have them cut it in half for 8.5" x 5.5" and punch it myself.

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Definitely both.

My favorite, though, was a half-ton guillotine we borrowed for a while.. Cast iron, originally painted black with gold scrollwork.. It had a foot pedal clamp, and a wooden catch-bin. Took two hands to swing the counter-weighted arm. Really a nice machine. It was big enough to cut large sheets, 18x24, 22x30, lengthwise.

I miss that beast, even though I don't have any need to cut large paper anymore. :)

I have one of the cheap Xacto guillotines, and it's only cool because it has an adjustable stop, so you can cut piles of paper the same length. But as previously stated, you have to be careful or you will get the curvy cut. Mine came out of the box with some nasty burrs on the blade, but I keep diamond hones in the kitchen for my knives and they made quick work of the burrs.

The slider, OTOH, is most excellent for doing a single sheet very precisely, as for a photo. I have a Carl for that, and the clear guide is nice for aligning the paper properly, since the guide and the body of the thing itself don't seem to be exactly square to one another.

More money = greater accuracy and more reliable cuts, I think. At least to a certain degree.

*sigh* I really do miss that giant cutter. It may actually have been made for cutting luan or fiberboard or something, but it sure could do a stack of paper..


try this one...

More money = greater accuracy and more reliable cuts, I think. At least to a certain degree.

This is definitely true. I need to cut through stacks of paper, including folded and stapled booklets up to 50 pages, so I bought this bad boy. It's not as good as the one you had sris, but it's quite capable:
Dahle 561 guillotine

It's only 14", but does have a built-in press to keep the pages from sliding while cutting, so you always get an even cut. Also that is a genuine, real sharp blade coming down. That shield is there for a reason. I have cut myself on that blade by just hitting the back of my finger on it lightly. It's _sharp_. With such a guillotine, I don't have a need for a sliding cutter. ;-) (oh, and it seems they've added a part since I bought mine--something that holds the paper flat as you lower the blade... interesting)


Good one


Yeah, I've heard Dahle makes good cutters. I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money when I bought mine, and if I ever get back heavily into paper crafts I may switch out what I have for a better one. My two cutters together cost less than the one you linked to, Jon, and the difference in quality is noticeable I'm sure.



Actually, if I only needed for hobby or personal use, I wouldn't have bought this cutter either. But I need it for work, so I bought it. And it's been a life saver. :-)