Theft Protection

This is kind of an off shoot of the previous topic as a result of my planner recently having been stolen. I have used for several years now for photography equipment, keys, and briefcases and now have a "Reward for Return" label on the 1st page of my planner. This is worth checking out on the stuffbak website.

I'm also using Evernote as suggested by liz_n_cats to backup digital images of the important pages.

I'm wondering if I've done enough to protect myself from losing my new planner again without getting too paranoid about it. I thought about a potential easy deterrent though. What do you think of the following?

Under my Stuffbak label on the 1st page (the black plastic page holder thing) I'd like to stick on the following label:

"WARNING: This notebook is designed to protect against theft. Various parts of this binder are encoded and can be used to track its location. Please call the 800 number above for return instructions."

Now I'm not sure if this sounds ridiculous and if a thief would actually laugh at this, but maybe whoever might want to steal my planner would also be stupid enough to believe this label and would just want some reward money by calling the stuffbak 800#.

Any thoughts?

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Follow Up

I came up with a better idea.

I Googled companies that make metallic adhesive stickers with holographic logos; companies that specialize in creating stickers with traceable bar-codes. These companies will send you a draft of this kind of sticker in the hopes that you will buy 500 hundred of them. I ordered a draft. The e-mailed it to me. I printed it out on a fluorescent orange label. Centered on the top of the label it says, WARNING! Then underneath that in smaller print, "Security Marked and Traceable" I used my state's State Police logo to the left of the text. There is a barcode under the text and some weird holographic design on the left edge of the label and some ID # on the right edge.

I stuck the label on the front page of my planner. It all looks very official. It would look even better if I printed it on a metallic label.

I know it's b.s. and you know it's b.s., but hopefully someone who thinks my planner may be valuable to them, won't know.

on paper?

So you put the label on a piece of paper in a binder?

Clearly I am not the target audience of your sticker, for I have trouble believing the thief would not just tear out the paper and throw it away.. :)

My question is, why are they stealing your stuff to begin with? If you have a thief who is just looking at outward appearances, then the lovely leather is the draw. If you are a sales person with leads in your binder, a coworker might look at that and say to himself "ah ha, I can get his leads" and thus would be checking out the contents rather than the construction.

The guy who is looking at outward appearance is going to rip out your pages first thing anyway, so unless your security device is a remotely-detonated inktag or tear gas bomb, the interior isn't going to help.

The guy who is looking at the interior contents is going to skip to the part he wants without looking much at other stuff.

Maybe I'm being cynical. I would have suggested a fat monogram on the cover to deter the first guy. For the second guy you just can't leave the binder alone unless it's locked up. You could rig a camera in your office to watch it while you're not there, but that only catches the guy after the fact..

Fundamentally, though, it's better not to leave valuable-looking stuff laying around where other people can grab it without being seen. :/


Who knows what motivates

My planner was stolen from a medical office. In a treatment room. After hours. It was sitting on top of a computer which sits on the floor, under a desk. It was not in plain sight at all. It was made out of fake leather and was cracking. It had 1 1/2" rings, so it probably looked like it had some valuable information in it due to the thickness of the binder. It didn't. The only people that knew the planner was there were my patients, the owner doctor, and some of the employees. I had only been in the practice for 6 weeks.
Who knows what motivated someone to take it. I think to make my life miserable. To get me - for something I am completely unaware of. In addition to taking the planner, the person disengaged some, but not all of the wires behind the computer and one connected to a local printer. Very strange. The practice is a difficult place in which to work. There are many facets of how the practice is managed that make it very challenging for the staff to feel positive about their contribution to patients and the business. I took a position there to allow me to generate an income while establishing my own practice, which I am doing currently. The practice owner says he is installing cameras and locks on the treatment room doors.
In the meantime, I use a discontinued, Classic size, Franklin Covey tote to conceal and protect my new planner and now have a new found appreciation for my work environment. I just got caught with my guard down. Now I know better.
As for my "Reward for Return" and "security" labels...well, I guess it just gives me a little peace knowing I did something to try and deter a theft, but I agree that it would be merely a joke to a thief, but may help get it returned if it gets lost and picked up by the "right" person.

reason for stealing paper planners

It occurs to me that someone might think they could get hold of account numbers or passwords. Wow - I'd hate to think there were people like that in any office I'd work in (I'm a project manager, not a parole officer, after all).