Blogs - what do you use?

I have the opportunity to get an ipad2. Right now I keep a calendar on paper and todo lists digitally. I store most files at Dropbox and heavily use Evernote as an idea capture tool. It looks like I can do all of this readily on an ipad2. I would also like to use the ipad to maintain my research blog. I currently use iweb on my Macbook to make my own blog on MobileMe but there's no "app for that" to interface that blog/web site content with an ipad updating app. Here are my questions:
- Do you have a blog and if so, what do you use? (Wordpress, Blogspot, etc.)
- What do you love and hate about it?
- Do you have the ability to update/post entries from an Apple app? If so, does it work well?

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There is a WordPress app

And it is free. Might be worth experimenting with.
Also, Googling on "ipad iweb" brings up a bunch of hits from the beginning of April (not on the first, however) about an Apple patent that suggests the existance of an iWeb app.
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Thanks ygor.

I will check it out.

beat me to it

ygor beat me to it! I have started using the Wordpress app. It does the job. ;-) It's not fancy that I can see, but on the other hand, you don't need to load the whole web site. It seems, however, that editing older posts shows the html code, which can make for a difficult read... I need to look into that more, though.