talk me down, please?

So I've been away from this site for a while. Been using a zippered binder with two Moleskine notebooks in it for a planner. One for notes & one is one of those calendar + notes notebooks with the calendar page on the left & page for notes on the right.

I'm finding that some weeks I'm super busy & one page per notes isn't enough. And I'd rather have my notes in the same notebook as my calendar. Anyone who has read any of my old posts can probably guess where this is going...

The binder I am using is just the right size for a Junior Size Circa notebooks and has TWO pen loops. I have enough Rollabind and Circa refill pages to last me a while plus I just saw Levenger finally dropped the price way way down on their 2011 planning pages.

So someone talk me out of switching back to Circa/Rollabind. Please? I fear where that road will take me - all the tinkering and fiddling with my planning system again.

Whatever planning system I do end up with - I'd really like any suggestions for something that can carry a notebook about that size along with an iPad. Yes, I bought an iPad and use it for quite a few things but can't seem to function without something to write on with my fountain pen. It doesn't work well at all on the iPad screen ;-)


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Use the space you have

Kenny, you know I can't resist an anti-circa challenge! LOL

OK, the main advantage of your current system is the notebooks are bound and you won't be tempted to throw away pages only to discover you need them. And the paper is lightweight enough that you get more pages into a smaller area than you would with a ring or disc bound system. Not to mention that it looks very professional

To keep all the notes in one book, I think you need to make use of the pages you haven't used fully in previous months.

What I would do....

With the calendar and notes book: number all the pages in the Moleskine. When you have filled a page with notes, flick back through the Moleskine diary to the first partially empty page you can find, rule off the entries and write the date and "continued from page (whatever)" as a reference, then start taking notes. When you've finished go forward to correct place where the first part of your notes appear and write in a cross reference to the page/s where the notes are continued.

If you need to look back and find the notes in a year's time - they are all in the one book

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Sorry... ahem.. Well, there's always this: Moleskine iPad cases

So, use the notebook for notebookey things, (including as a drop box until you can get things into your iPad), and the iPad for calendar things (after you write in the dropbox Moleskine). In fact, I suddenly wish I hadn't said that... Now I want to try that. :-(

Personally, I'm happy with my Circa arrangement, together with my iPhone. Since I need to carry papers and documents, I use my Circa portable office binder, with a Circa notebook in it (and a monthly printout from ygor's dynamics, for those times I need it). I, long ago (when I bought a Newton in the mid 90s) stopped using paper for my main calendar--no reminders--so my iPhone handles things like calendars and financial transactions, and even, on occasion, notes and todos (those that require reminders or repeat). My Circa acts as my dropbox, idea jotter and organizer, and as a place for others to write things. I don't carry it everywhere, but it is always in my briefcase, and is carried with me when I have to go into town on business. I try to use paper for what it's best for, and electronic for what it's best for. I think you could continue to use a Moleskine, or switch to Circa. No problems with either. In fact, if you want one more temptation to fall into Circa... think of using the Circa just like you use the Moleskine now--only with a few extra, blank pages to toss in when you need them. ;-)



how did I not find those earlier?

How did I not find out about the Moleskine iPad cases earlier? I've seen iPad cases that looked like Moleskines but never ones that held actual notebooks. Do they just use regular Moleskine notebooks or do they take special refills?


don't know

I honestly don't know. I just remembered seeing these things being announced some time ago, and Googled them quick when I saw your post. I would hope, though, that they took normal refills, but I bet not--too thin...


It's a volant

according to the link I found, they use a moleskine volant (at least the small one does.

I can talk you out of just about any notebook :)

But honestly, your system seems to work pretty well.

Use the little tweaks other suggested and you will be all set.

couldn't resist

It turns out I couldn't resist. I saw something about Levenger having Moleskine covers and had to check them out. Meanwhile, I saw the Circa weekly agenda in Junior size was marked down to $4.95. You can't get the discs and covers for that price, so I went ahead and bought one.

I realized that 80% of the time, the two pages per week format gives me the room I need. It is just very busy weeks I need some extra pages. And I'd rather have one notebook and add the pages in vs. two notebooks. I actually used the Junior sized agendas for my planner a couple years. What seems to work really well is move the pages I'm done with (a month old or more) to an "archive" notebook with larger disc. Either one inch or one and a half inch, depending on how busy the year was. I've yet to need more than that.

I still have all the accessories and notebooks from when I was using Circa before, so I think all I'll have to do to switch back is take out the pages from earlier in the year & put my zip pocket, address book pages, and tabbed dividers (I keep a calendars section, notes section, and goals section and addresses in the end).