Dream-come-true instant on system!!

Long time follower of the site but never felt the urge to post until now.

After a long search, I feel this could be the ultimate configuration for an instant on, superfast productivity system!

- The new Acer Aspire one (D255E) - Costs A$246 only!
- Forget the installed Os (win 7) - Change to "puppy linux" - Free!

Voila - The instant on dream-come-true!

The machine is light to carry, has a fantastic keyboard and a battery life of 8 hrs!!

I use it mainly for osmo, gtdfree (which runs marvellously), abiword and firefox. I suggest people try this out, if you are looking for a real powerful personal organizer.

Feel free to ask me regarding setting it up.


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Which puppy?

Do you think Ubuntu would work?

instant on?

Ubuntu is anything _but_ instant-on. ;-) That said, the new Unity interface, while very controversial seems to be an interesting way to work on netbooks (though, I believe now it's on all Untuntu systems). I have put Ubuntu on most of my family's netbooks, but our one eeePC's hard drive just died. Until I can get and drop a new drive in there, I thought I'd try the latest Puppy on a 256 meg SD card. I was surprised at how well, even that small of a card, it works. I eventually dropped a gig card in there. But Puppy is such a unique approach, that one finds it easy to not merely overlook its quirks, but to embrace them. ;-) My only "complaint" with Puppy is that it doesn't make it easy to change the DNS server from the server default. We have to manually change the resolv.conf file every boot. :-( (just one of those quirks one embraces)

But to answer your question, other than the instant boot, Ubuntu would be a good OS on this computer as well. If you are comfortable, though, with digging deeper into Ubuntu, I would recommend doing a bare-bones, commandline install, and only add those things you really need. That will give you a leaner, meaner machine. ;-)


Puppy is great!

I haven't tried ubuntu on this. I initially had puppy on a usb drive. Then, I eventually installed it on the hdd! Now, I have 3 OSs in this netbook (Puppy + win 7 + Android). I use grub boot loader that came packaged with puppy. The previous Aspire ones had problems with sound and wifi with puppy. This new one (D255E) runs out of the box. For instant on, I use acpitool -s. I created a JVM shortcut for that and its easy to put the puppy to sleep and wake it up in a flash! People looking for yesteryear's instant-on desktop processing (Psion, apple newton likes)can look forward to an exponentially advanced and tremendously capable system in this.

Btw, Win 7 sucks on this netbook! I don't know how the industry matches hardware to software - seems so crazy to put an OS of such payload to such a nice hardware and spoil the hardware's capability - lol.

Ipad appeared to me like a child's toy compared to this powerful and productive netbook with puppy! AAO with puppy has instant wifi out of standby and 8 hrs of battery life AND a great keyboard AND is light to carry AND is much cheaper. They give a complimentary sleeve also ;)

JVM shortcut

What is this? I have puppy 525 I just installed on a laptop and I do love it! It is so fast and easy to use! However, not being able to put the laptop on suspend is a pain. I went online at the puppy forum and found out about the acpitool and -s command. Is there some sort of desktop icon that could issue the acpitool -s command? I just touch the power button to turn it back on. I have requested that the suspend command be added to the restart and shutdown in the menu, but so far nothing. Thanks.


I use a keyboard shortcut using the JWM window manager. Puppy 525 defaults to openbox. But you can change it using the X window manager switcher to JWM. JWM can read keyboard shortcuts. I type CA in the "mask" and x in the letter and in the command exec:acpitool -s. That's it: ctrl+alt+x will put the puppy on sleep mode. Any key stroke will wake it up.