Best iPad planner app?

Was just wondering which iPad app is the best for having as a planner- I normally use a paper planner which I would still continue to use, but with a iPad app as backup which I would sync daily.

Also I follow GTD but customized for my own needs since I also like scheduling tasks with deadlines or having a monthly/weekly/daily to do list.

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Good Question

I have been using my iPad for over a year and I have yet to find an app that does everything I want in that respect. I'm still using paper for my planning, but I do use the iCal app to help.
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I use a combination of

I use a combination of Google Calender and COntacts, linked to the iPad calendar and address book through Microsoft Exchange, and Todoodle.


I have just downloaded 2Do,

I have just downloaded 2Do, but although it will take care of many things(including a daily view), I won't be able to get a weekly or monthly page on this- will have to stick to my paper planner for that.

Have you looked at Bento?

It's a planning system designed by and using FileMaker (noiw owned by Apple) and therefore by Apple themselves. It integrates with the iMac desktop, the MacBook, and with the iPad and iPhone using apps made for them by Apple. Also syncs everything through the website and will use the Cloud in the near future.

Bento is just a database

Sure, you could use it to plan, but I would not call it a planner app.
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Pocket Informant

I use 'Pocket Informant' on iPod Touch but it's available for iPad too. See: It's a well developed app that's been around since early PocketPC days.

Interfaces w/ Google Calendar as the calendar backup. Contacts on the iPod/iPad backup to MS Outlook's Contacts. There's a small app that can sync Google Cal to Outlook on a PC called 'Google Calendar Sync'.

I think the developer may still be working on how to get PI to sync directly to Outlook but I'm not following PI's Forums much anymore.

Change to netbook!

Netbook with puppy linux!


Yes, I have Bento too, but it does not seem to provide for all the contexts that I need so I am leaning towards 2Do to stack all my to-dos with a variety of contexts. I hope I have figured out how to use Bento right! Debbie

GTD on netbook

Ipads are designed for "content consumption". For productivity, I use a acer aspire one d255e loaded with puppy linux. I run
- GTD free
- Sunbird calendar (free)
- Notecase (notes organization)
- Freemind (mind mapper -free)
- Sylpheed (email - free)

I haven't seen anything that comes even close to the blasting performance of these applications and puppy linux!

Toodledo + calendar

I have an iPod not an iPad, and I use a combination of Toodledo (for my GTD-style action system) and the built-in calendar, which syncs to my work calendar and my (personal) Google calendar. It covers all the bases for me.

Thanks Grog- will check

Thanks Grog- will check Toodledo.

Lots of choices

If you do a search on GTD app for iPad, you'll get quite a few hits. The ones that seem to stand out:

Things by Appigo

I just added Remember the Milk to my iPad. I don't want a full GTD system, just something to help remind me to do things. :-)

It's important to get an app that syncs with your desktop or laptop or with a cloud calendar like Google Calendar, etc., so you can access it wherever you are.


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Revisiting planner app

When I switched from paper to digital, I found that the two basic approaches to planning seemed to be 1) calendar-based or 2) task-based. I think that task based planners tend to be happy with To-Do types of apps, while calendar-based planners are OK with calendar apps (of course). I found that I was not quite organized or project oriented enough to be task-based, and my natural tendency was to be calendar based. My tasks go entered as discrete items into the calendar because I need to have alarms and reminders. So, I've run through a bunch of calendar apps that are amenable to planning.

I can't remember all the apps I tried, but I am now using Fantastical. This has some very nice views of months, weeks, and days, and uses natural language parsing to help you enter tasks faster. It's really pretty cool. You can enter "Meet with George at 11 am in the small conference room" and the app will parse that out as a meeting with George, give you a start time at 11:00 am (default to one hour duration) and put small conference room in location. You can then edit the appointment for end time, and put as many alarms as you need (me need plenty).

Fantastical uses the same database as the iOS Calendar app, so it automatically syncs with anything that syncs with the iOS Calendar. There is a Fantastical app for Macs which will sync with the iOS version.

These are not free, but not unreasonably priced.
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And nozbe

Somebody just pointed this out to me this morning.


Could be nice, but...

it is a web based service requiring a paid subscription.
I'd rather have an app I pay for once and then work between my iPad and my desktop (iMac).
But that's just my preference/opinion.
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Actually, there is an iPhone, Android and Mac app (with Windows on the way), but I missed that it was a pay-for service. It was pointed out to me this morning, because the founder is Polish. ;-)

(Krakow, Poland)

I am with you ygor!

I just use the Apple calendar and alarms for time based things: appointments, meetings, etc...

To do lists and other long term projects get taken care of with note applications preferably free ones, but I might have to splurge for Pages.

I usually use Libre Office which is free.

pocket informant

Pocket informant is defenitely the best planning tool for ipad and/or iphone, you can synct it with everything: Google toodledo, Outlook,evernote orwhat you use. you can tailor make it to suite any needs.