Spiral notebook inserts

I was at Staples and found these inserts that you can attach to the spiral wire of a spiral notebook. The insert had a bunch of post-it notes.

Similar products are here:

This idea is intriguing. I was trying to think of a way to create homemade inserts, as a way to easily add pages to a spiral notebook, but haven't thought of anything super.

Any ideas?

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Very nice ! FranklinCovey has some like that

In both Classic and Monarch sizes

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Wow - thank you! I knew DIY

Wow - thank you! I knew DIY Planner wouldn't let me down. :)


Marbig also manufacture spiral notebook accessories under the name 'Spiromate'. Check the link below.

Bob H.


Looks interesting. Too bad

Looks interesting. Too bad it's in Australia. Guess I need to plan a trip or something. :)