Multiple planners

I was wondering if anyone here follows Flylady for keeping their homes clean and organized, and if so, do you maintain a separate control journal as suggested in the website or is it a part of your planner? Or in general, do you have a separate planner for purely home related matters and another for work/outside?

Others are also welcome to comment:

- I carry a letter size leather Circa planner for work + personal projects currently and am against bulking it up too much beyond its current capacity. This has
> my work projects list
> next action list for work projects
> weekly review checklist
> my personal projects list
> errands list
> home chores/repairs list
> next action list for personal projects/errands/home repairs
> Goals list/notes
> Weekly todos/ Monthly projects
> Ideas and strategies notes
> Few important contact numbers/reference info that I need at work or on-the-go regularly
This planner does not contain any of my daily repetitive routine activities currently. Am in the process of keeping a backup of this on an iPad app.

- I have just joined Flylady and in the Flylady control journal, the following items are supposed to be covered by me:
>Daily Routines including
Before Bed routine
Morning routine
Post work routine at home
>Weekly Routine, that is, which day of the week will be used for cleaning/doing up which part of home and recurring chores/errands, etc
>Shopping list and groceries
>Menu planning
>Emergency and other ocntact numbers
>Detailed cleaning lists for each zone of the house

- Should I just create a slim booklet which I can use as my Flylady home control journal that I carry around with me and use roughly at home? Or would it be better if I incorporated the above in my Circa leather letter planner and figure out a way of putting the contents down so that it does not go beyond a few sheets only.

- I also have a separate Personal Finance planner which is a junior Circa notebook which I look at only during the weekends when am going through bills,making payments, recording spends, planning investments etc. I was planning to migrate this entirely to an iPad app.

Any thoughts/ suggestions on merging/demerging of planners would be most welcome. Thanks all.


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Flylady control journal

I follow a modified version of Flylady's system. Adapt it to fit your own needs, don't feel compelled to maintain all of the lists that she has. I don't have a morning, evening, after work routine because I really don't need a checklist to tell me to get dressed and brush my teeth lol. I keep lists for weekly, daily, and zone chores. I keep these partly because it helps me not forget something and because I like to check things off a list, even if it's just a small thing. Plus, the list will always have things not checked off where I have procrastinated and left them for last and a list helps me not ignore them too long. My paper version of the "control journal" stays home because they are all things to be done at home and I don't need to haul them with me at work. I have the lists also on my smart phone with the Cozi app because Cozi has the Flylady lists already loaded. I don't use Cozi for my work and other todo's, just for Flylady.

Modified planner

Thanks emoore, I would be customising Flylady's systems to suit me definitely..

Found a template on here

Found a template on here that had a tracker for routine tasks (month to a page) and a column for brain-dump items as well. It would be very handy for repetitive tasks and would only add a page to your planner for that particular component... as to the others, there are templates for just about everything else on your list, even special "Flylady" forms... I personally like to have everything in one place or I get overwhelmed...

Thanks... I plan to have

Thanks... I plan to have separate planners though with some checklists overlapping...

And yes I have found the monthly tracker you were referring to and have printed that several copies of that out for different monthly trackers- separately for home, work and personal finance.



I used the SHE system for a while (which inspired flylady), about half a year. At that time I kept the home and work stuff together in a single index card file (I work from home).

When work started wanting me to go back to the plant on a regular basis, my wood box became unwieldy for transport, and the system sorta fell apart.

These days, I tend to keep the two separate so I can be portable with my work stuff. My home stuff stays at home.

I do have some crossover.. I synch my home and work calendars together so they're all visible from both places. I keep all my password hints on my phone, regardless of whether they're home or work. But the to-dos stay separate.


Thanks Shris... my planners,

Thanks Shris... my planners, as mentioned above, are also going to be separate with some more elements overlapping.

1 planner, plus backup for the family

Hi Devkanya!

I've been 'fluttering' along with FLYLady for a few years, but never really managed to get wholly into it. (Lots of excuses).

Thanks to DIY planner, just in the last six months I've finally gotten a planner together that I really use, and so I definitely wanted to incorporate the control journal into it. In my personal planner I have a tab for "Routines", where I have the three routines written out. (I made a sheet to match everything else using the Widget Kit, to fit my half-size binder).

At home we have a full-size binder on the counter, which started out being my control journal when I was working at home. It's got my weekly routines and zones in it, plus other non-FLYlady stuff (like recipes the kids use, and exercise tracking for everyone). I don't have the detailed cleaning lists printed out, because I'm still decluttering, but I do have the "crisis cleaning" printed out and in there! (Like I say, still fluttering, not yet flying.)

Meal planning and grocery lists aren't in the planner; they're still on the fridge, but that works for us. Also on the fridge is the family calendar: I use the DIY dynamic template to print two-page-per-week pages, and use a ruler to separate them into four columns (one for each of us). Menu planning goes on the extra block that follows Sunday, and that feeds into the grocery list on the fridge.

When we had one child things were easy, but now that we have a foster child as well, things have gotten complicated. This is almost embarrassing, but it works for us so I'll mention it - part of our dinner routine includes getting everyone's planners out and checking what's coming up in the next few days! Even the youngest has a two-page-per-month spread that he writes his soccer, swimming, and family visits on. We do this right after the dishes are cleared, and it only takes a few minutes.

I don't know if this helps or not, but I do love FLYlady's spirit and approach, and I'm glad you've discovered it and are liking it!


Thanks Kirsten!

Thanks Kirsten- you have nailed it for me! I was veering towards thinking along similar lines, and the details you have put forward will help me immensely in freezing my planners :-)

Flylady site is really fun and upbeat and I like that.

However, I don't lug any home stuff in my planner but grocery lists.

Everything home related is written up on dry erase magnetic sheets placed on the fridge.

For a while, I tried an household binder but it was too cumbersome.

Better to do everything on the computer and send myself a text or an email reminding me of what needs to be done.