You know you're a notebook/planning addict when....

every time I see a commercial for the new Smurf movie I think of my Circa/Rollabind/Arc sad...

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Bwhaha ha ha ha ha

Bwhaha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks! I needed that today.


That was funny

Papa Smurf? Are we there yet?

i think of that girl smurf

i think of that girl smurf with the shoes. random snip-it of a scene from somewhere... maybe the movie ad.

You get your dream notebook

You get your dream notebook in Plum, are planning to get it in Steel and wonder if you should get it in Black and even considered the Red.

Even if you think black is too dull and red doesn't match with your wardrobe.

You are also obsessing about what paper setup and pens to use with the aforementioned item(S). :)


You spend as much money in shipping as you do on two cool notebooks from Croatia

Lega-Lega Shop

Now that waiting begins...

cool notebooks

I love the logo notebooks. Have you tried them before and if so, what is the paper like? And they have tees - I think my 17yo daughter might think one of these would be an awesome holiday gift.

I'm waiting to try them

I just couldn't resist when I saw them, but I have no idea what they are like. I'll try to remember to post here when I've got them in my hands.