7-Ring vs. 3-Ring: A DIY Planner Smackdown Event

Is there any real advantage of 7-ring binders over 3-ring? Is this a prestige or preference thing? Franklin Covey and Day-Timer sell mostly 7-ring. Day Runner sells both but they seldom sell the binder separate from the planner. I have some of each. I don't see much of an advantage of one over the other.

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The 3-ring binders are

The 3-ring binders are probably easier to find hole punches for.

7 Ring advantage

I tried both, and I came to the conclusion that the three ring binders don't hold the paper as well. I had many more pages tear out of my 3 ring books than the 7 ring books. Especially when I was using Letter (8.5"x11") and Classic (8.5"x5.5") paper.

Chairman NorthEast Right Wing Alien Conspiracy

3 ring 4 life

3 rings are superior because they are easier to punch holes in AND can (usually) accomodate 7 hole paper, if needed. As far as 3 rings not holding my paper well, you can buy those little stickers that fix the holes OR buy good paper. I personally haven't had a lot of problems with 3 rings.

Bad Luck With 3

I've had nothing but trouble with 3 rings. The bottom hole always tears, but cheap paper can be blamed. If I still used rings, I would be a 7-ringer.

Each has advantages.

I tend to favor 7-ring binders, but it really is a personal preference thing. Three-hole punches are cheaper than 7-hole punches. Seven hole binders feel sturdier, and tend to last longer under the abuse I subject them to.

Evil Holepunch Makers

Since this has become a smackdown, I am going to pull the evil holepunch makers into the ring, and I suggest that we tagteam on them. Many of our problems would be solved, and bliss and harmony would descend upon our passionate paper productiviy patriciate if adjustable holepunches were affordable. I have regular three-ring binders, a seven-ring Day-Timer 8.5x11 planner, and a three-ring "classic" binder. The affordable three-ring hole punch I have only works for the 8.5x11 three-binders. Though it is adjustable to a limited degree, it doesn't accomodate four more punches, and it won't adjust to the alignment of my "classic" three-ring binder. I have found more expensive holepunches, but I cannot bring myself to purchase them. So I continue using my handheld single-hole punch for my classic binder, the regular three-hole punch for my regular binders, and my Day-Timer planner lies unused (partly because only some of the DIYplanner templates are converted to the 8.5x11 format). If anyone knows where to purchase an affordable holepunch that accomodates up to seven holes and that adjusts fully, please let me know. Until then, I say we fight the evil holepunch makers rather than fighting among ourselves!