Dogs, Legal Holidays And Running Out Of Time.

"Not everyone knows that shelters euthanize more dogs than usual in the days leading up to a holiday. With most staff gone for the holiday, shelters must reduce their inventory to no more than a skeletal staff can handle. That's often only one person."

This phrase came from the blog written by Ellen of the St. Louis Senior Dog Project, which a non-profit that pairs up senior dogs with people in their senior years.

Families also step up to become new dogs parents.
On her shelters run, Ellen saves dogs of all ages, what's important to her is the "run out of time" date.

Due to many factors, nowadays, much more dogs are relinquished to shelters, dumped on the road or even taken to vets for euthanasia to be "gotten rid of, right away".

Animal control agencies have to deal with pets left to fend for themselves after the owners got sick, went to a nursing home or moved out in a hurry.
Hoarders, whose pets are suffering from neglect and puppymillers, "getting rid of inventory", add to the influx of pets at county shelters.

Every rescue, in every state, is in need of adopters, foster homes and sponsors for pets with medical issues.

If you are a person or a family who has the space and the mean to add a dog or cat in your home and your heart, please do so.

If you can foster, please do so.

If you have the means to sponsor a pet or a bunch of them, please do so.

I have a feeling that pets in need of owners or families is a worldwide occurrence so what I just wrote also work outside of the U.S.

In a couple of days, it will be the anniversary of the passing of my beloved cat of 17 years, she left in 07.

Feisty as she was about everything, including the fight against the cancer that took her, I think she just put her virtual paw to my brain and my heart and said "don't you think about going to sleep before talking about my fellow pets who need homes and care"

So here it is.

I found out about the plight of shelter dogs and cats right before a legal holiday a few days ago.

I feel it is my duty to share since Labor Day is fast approaching.

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Sorry for bumping but Labor Day weekend is near.

Even worse time for pets having to cope with hurricane Irene and it seems another one is on the way.