I can't believe this! This is fantastic! I have been obsessed with calendaring and productivity for more than 20 years and and I had no idea there was a site like this until yesterday!

I have been making my own tools for a long time and I will talk about them as time allows. My latest one prints reduced note pages for an Ampad Embassy 6-ring notebook. It lines the pages up on both sides of the paper so that even/odd pages can be printed in duplex and punched with my Rapesco. Each section of the notebook has subsections denoted on the page and does lists and other formatting as needed.

The possible downside of my tools w.r.t. D*I*Y is that all of them are based on Linux applications, and probably won't run on Windows. They might run on Mac OS X if you have Perl and groff installed. The thing is that Linux gives you absolute control over every aspect of the tools that you build and in some cases, I generate raw PostScript to get the job done.

Anyone out there run Linux or Mac OS X?

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Mac Geek, at your service

What do you need ? I await your request.

I'm working with some custom tools to generate PNG and/or PDF.

Let's jam !!

Oh, I was just asking if

Oh, I was just asking if anyone out there *didn't* run Windows. I didn't really need any work done. It looks like most people are using OpenOffice to make their templates. I like generating the templates using text-based tools like perl and groff.

I'm going to try to attach an example from my daily calendar tool.

What kinds of tools do you like to use to make your files?