Earthquake, epicenter in Virginia, about 2pm eastern time - did you feel it ?

I did. My office building (in downtown DC) shook for a few seconds and then they evacuated us for about 30 minutes. I saw no damage.

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felt it near charlotte NC


In my house, on a concrete slab floor, we felt it. Lamps (the bendy-neck style desk lamps) were bobbing, and the water in my glass was rippling..

Kids didn't notice it at all, they were playing.


Glad I left when I did

I was just in Mineral, VA last week and swam in Lake Anna (heated by the nuclear power plant's coils). I live in Kansas City, but I'm wondering about my cousin's house there. I'll find out tomorrow. We always joke about the nuclear plant being so close, but I guess it's no joke at all. This is proof that your not safe anywhere!


Here in southern Virginia we did. I am on the ground floor of a new large steel and concrete museum and my desk bounced a bit and my computer screen swayed but no damage.