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The feel of leather under your finger tips. The sound of the spine creaking, the binder snapping open and shut, the paper smooth and cool under your fingers. Sounds like you've purchased a new journal, sketchbook or planner. It doesn't matter what the flavor is, we've all been there, in the store... thinking, I should write more, draw more, get more organized. And that's when the store conjures up the book, that perfect tool. Driving home, bits of images, creativity fills your head on all the things you'll do with the book. The appointments, the perfect sketches, stories. And then, the book sits in the dark corners of your office.

Sound familiar? I'm sure it does, I know I've done it. Many times. I've bought tons of blank journals, sketchbooks and planners. All of which I had grand ideas for their use. Many of which still sit in my Studio waiting for my mind to fill them with tidbits of inspiration. Waiting for me to give the book a purpose. A system and style that reflects my inner truth and personality, one that gives me the freedom and flexibility to record stories, tidbits, and sketches I find important.

Doug asked me to show and teach you some things to dust off the creativity cobwebs and turn those empty pages in your planner or sketchpad into personalized, inspirational and meaningful sanctuaries to record your thoughts and creative endeavors. Dig out those discarded planners, or buy something new that sparks your inner artist (or just add a few more cards to your Hipster) and get ready to remember just how fun it can be to write and scribble.

My name is Jaymi and I do funky things to my planner. I'm a writer and an artist. And I love journals and sketchbooks (although these days I tout around my Hipster). My planner keeps track of my work projects and schedules my appointments. It records important notes and alerts me when I have meetings. But that's not all my Hipster and journals do for me these days. They also keep track of my stories, sketches and artistic ideas. I've made small tiny books that fit in my planner that become parts of my journal. I've kept watercolor crayons and a refillable brush to paint sunsets that sit next to wireframes and lists of website projects I've done.

Unlike the other contributors here at we're going to focus on something completely different. We're going to break the rules and stereotypes and bring out the creative artist. I want to teach you how to turn your planner into something alive and creative. Getting things done doesn't mean that you have to use the same forms in the same way as the person sitting next to you on the train. We'll learn new ways to reuse old and tired forms. I believe that we can play with our planners AND get lots of stuff done! I believe that everyone is creative and that we all need a private and personal place to share thoughts and pursue our talents.

In my posts here on this site, I'll show you how to personalize your planner and combine all sorts of traditional and non-traditional forms from here and elsewhere to make the perfect place to record your thoughts and life. I'll give you ideas for using the forms in different ways. I'll teach you how to make planners that cater to the artist or writer in you; planners that give you the space and focus to be creative without fear. And maybe, just maybe, I'll show you that creativity and organizational tools can co-exist hand and hand and don't have to sit in the dark corners of the home office. So grab a comfy chair and your box of crayons and let's play.

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I'm already looking forward

I'm already looking forward to next week...

Why thank you. I hope you

Why thank you.

I hope you enjoy watching this space... I have *a LOT* of interesting ideas and things planned. If you have ideas... please, feel free to let me know.


I'm home.

This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. My few template ideas for the Hipster PDA are the little bit I've tried to do to blend my creative tasks and my need (resist it though I may) to be organized. I can't wait to see the material you'll be presenting. I'm so excited to be a part of this site.


Awesome! I hope I can help

Awesome! I hope I can help inpire you. If you want some direct help, feel free to post your questions in the forums or email me personally and we can see what we can do for you.



Just having a poke around after receiving an email from Douglas the other day. This looks like it's going to be a great resource. Looking forward to seeing it bloom!

Glad to have you, Sam!

I'm a fan of what you've achieved with!

all my best,
a million monkeys typing :


Looking forward to hearing more from you. I've gone through so many planners, PDA's, systems etc - challenge for me is that my job is a creative/management combination in the entertainment industry, but privately I work on my own writing, ideas, political musings, etc. Never sure when one or the other needs me to write something down - I hate planners that don't have bound pages (too impermanent) but bound books lack sectional flexibility. Right now I am ready to dive into a huge soft cover Miquelirius grid journal that screams "I will solve all your problems" but I am midly paralyzed deciding how to set it up. Even trying to figure out how to incorproate a simple calendar into it - will probably just print something out and glue it in.

Can't wait to hear some of your cool ideas.


I feel your pain

I feel your pain. I'm the same way, always looking for something bigger or better that can organize all my creative thoughts and daily musings. I love big bound books and I used to lug one daily, around work. Until it started getting physically unbearable to do it anymore. That's when I started doing heavy reasearch into the Hipster.

And I've never looked back. My little Hipster goes everywhere. I take it to work, to dinner with my husband (he brings HIS laptop and hates it when I grab a card and write down things faster than his Mac wakes from sleep) and even to Powell's for book runs. And I believe that with a few modifications, a case and a taste to experiment, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility a planner has for being creative.

I love gridd paper! They're awesome for wireframes, sketching or writing. I love Miquelirius grided journals and have used them in the past, before I discovered the fun and joy of my Hipster. I'd never get another one, however, because of their weight.

If you want my opinion... save the money on getting one of those notebooks and make your own. It's easy... really. All you need to do is figure out what size of planner you want to work with and print out the grid-paper templates from that kit (you can find them in the Standard D*I*Y* Planner templates section). Feel free to print out any other templates you want to use from the kits as well! Then organize the papers in a way you think is best for you. Don't worry if you make mistakes, the next time you go to make a book, you can always reorganize and swap forms out to fit your needs. And finally, you can get a binder to put your forms and papers in and punch holes in them to fit... OR, you take your planner to Kinko's. They'll add plastic covers and can do a spiral binding for under $10.