Stationery shops in Central Europe

Hello there! I'll be traveling to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest in a few weeks and would love any suggestions/recommendations for shops to check out and/or supplies to load up on. I'd love to get notebooks, paper and other stationery items that are either not widely available in the US or are cheaper to purchase there.

Thanks much!

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They have all moved !

Perhaps you want a stationery store, whether it is stationary or mobile.

I'm just being silly. I wish you a safe trip and much luck finding your shops.
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Thanks for shedding light on my spelling error. :)

If you already have an

If you already have an address that you can get something shipped to you, e.g. a friend that will keep it for you: Filofax Germany sells a couple of binders for 9€ each here until September 15th.