Anyone want to buy shoes ?

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Aw, come on.

Member writes a post about an organizing topic...and it gets snarfled by the spam eater.

Non-member sh*ts out the same message all over the site....and they all get posted. Destroying the utility of the recent posts list. :(

I know nothing of web boards, but would it be possible to either:

a) always quarantine posts by non-members AND always allow posts by members?

b) maybe the system could reject any message that is a duplicate of the one before it? One copy of a spam message is way better than dozens.

c) Or, how about there has to be at least two minutes between posts by the same person? That shouldn't hurt real people much.

Mmmm, New Shoes...

All credit to Doug, eric and inno, the spam we actually see is a tiny compared to amount blockd by the filters. Although the filters are not perfect, as some of us (myself included) have found out, the actual percentage of error is minuscule. Part of the problem is 'Xia Lin' et al are, or in some cases were, members. From what I gather, most spam is generated by computer and the way to stop it is through some form of varification, although it may put new members off joining. Perhaps a senior member could volunteer for anti-spam duty?

Grouch, grouch, grumble, grumble

OK, kudos to the filters, but in this day you would think folks have gotten the idea that spam usually causes more problems than attracts customers.

BTW, they have none of them iPod interfacing Nike+ shoes on that site, to my extreme disappointment. :P

I'll work at ignoring such garbage.

It was not my intention to cause trouble.

What Kind of am Idiot Am I?...

Lol, having just rescued your post from the spam bin do you think it is time I took Steve's idiot test? ;)

Same as me ?

Whatever kind of idiots we are, I believe we work great together :)

I really enjoy this group.

admin *sigh*

This rant comes from after having deleted yet ANOTHER account and 5 posts. I have NO idea why they're getting through the system but in the past two days i have blocked 3 users for offending spam and deleted 10 posts. so please be patient with us. we all know we're not here for shoes and until we get a better and NON-MANUAL way of getting everything out, we're doing the best we can.

I've poured over the system and I'm not sure what the solution is. Drupal doesn't seem to have a good blocker. but yeah... every time i log in, i search for offenders and hope to catch all this BEFORE you all see it.


Spamfighting options...

There are a number of Drupal modules aimed at cutting down on spam. Most of my sites use the captcha and troll modules, and it is a rare thing for spam to be seen by users. Feel free to email me via my contact form and I'll be happy to help you out if you need it.




Is it some idea to let users who want to post a comment type in some characters? Some websites do this and it seems to work. I would not mind typing in a few extra characters, if it helps to keep the site spam-free.
Else, if I can help in any way please let me know. I could spend a little time each day deleting spam. Finally something to do to help you, since I don't have access to editing software and don't have the money for a donation at the moment.

Maybe if we added "Nike" to the spam filter?

Maybe adding "Nike" to the spam filter would help? (Well,it would be a stop-gap at best, before the spammer just substituded a mispelling or something...)

Partial Success...

I think you may on to something here Linda, as I have just fished your comment out of the 'spam bin'. ;)

ironic, don't ya think


Good suggestion and the result had me giggling a bit. Sard, was it you who attempted to deal with the spam today? Cos whomever did, did it in a way that left the links in the forum topics. Buzz me if you did it and i'll share with you how i do it to remove the posts and block the user posting. that way our site doesn't get blown out by these posts.

for the others and their suggestions... thanks. however, drupal doesn't seem to have those sorts of account verifications, at least not with what ima seeing as my admin account.


Spam, endless spam

I'm afraid that was me, Innowen, who in a sleep-deprived state deleted the user account before deleting the forum posts. When deleting an account, Drupal warns you "Deleting this user will delete all their posts," but the Active Forum Topics block doesn't seem smart enough to realise the posts are deleted. Must remember to do it the other way around. Must also try to get some sleep.

As for the "captcha" verification (that makes people posting pause and type in a special word from a graphic), there is a module for Drupal, as stated above. I'll look into it when I have some time. That being said, since the shoe spammers go through the trouble of creating new accounts, I don't think that this is going to stop them.

BTW, for those noticing the spam that squeaks into the system, there is roughly 18,000 spam caught or denied for every one that appears here. I'd hate to think what it would be like to deal with this scourge completely manually!

all my best,

Thanks Doug, No worries... I

Thanks Doug,

No worries... I just find it frustrating that there's no way that i can see how to delete that active forum topics listing after the posts have become invalid.

*shudders* you realize that Halloween was Yesterday and not today. Therefore, stop scaring me with threats of manual purging. I may not be able to sleep tonight after this. :)

Hope you're well.

Yes, I had to laugh...

Yes, I had to laugh when my suggestion was acted on in the same split-second that I hit "send" ;^)