John Norris' Well Used Kit

Carried daily around the house, in the car, mowing the lawn, always ready when the muse strikes.

Mine is currently filled with my standard templates, and some beta ones too. The top sheet is usually to-do's while further in are notes.

Yup, got a slide rule in there as well as the Ham-ster, just in case.

Keeping it "simple".

Nothing more to see here...move along....

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I love the fact that your

I love the fact that your picture shows a 10 cent disposable stick pen that is so battered that it appears to have been broken and repaired with tape. Also the pen's pocket clip is missing. Buy a new 10 cent pen already!

You have taken the DIY planner concept to the extreme of frugality. Way to go!


I'd rather risk losing a beat up stick pen then one of my favorites. :nod: nothing wrong with utilizing whats available. :)

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Dirt Cheap

Yup, part of the appeal of the Hipster is that it is cheap! I also like that "beat" look.

The yellow deal is a foam sleeve that is to make the pen more comfy, but I think it helps keep it from sliding out of my pocket.

I took the bit off the pen cap because it kept getting stuck and forcing the cap off the pen. You really want to keep the cap on those cheap pens.


Simple or bust

When I decided (not too long ago) to use 4X6 index cards as my main system (SusanBeth is smiling), I came to the realization that if I want the system to stick, I have to eliminate everything that impedes direct access to my information. My system has to be very minimal.

So . . .
Out with the cover page. An address label stuck to one of the cards will have to do.
Out with the inspirational quote card. I have memorized it anyway.
Out with the idea of a protective cover, case, etc.

In with the stripers (thanks SusanBeth) to easily see my 3 reference cards.

Now my system looks like this from top to bottom:
- A daily card where I write down anything that happens on a given day. If the card is not filled up (it rarely is), I draw a line like this -----Wed16---- and continue the week (thanks JWhitt). I use both sides of the cards.
- A todo card.
- A weekly card (yellow striper) that shows my recurring appointments.
- A card for the current and following month. The information is simply written down as it comes up, and I scan the dates for info when I need it. I may eliminate the following month.
- A 12 month calendar (green striper).
- An emergency numbers card (orange striper) for numbers that I need to remember if my cell phone dies (I learned the hard way).
- A piece of cardboard for stiffness.
- 10 blank cards, and that is probably over kill.

Yes, it may get tattered or torn and, yes, it may not be impressive. But it works for me! Isn't that the point?



The Cult of the Index Card shall triumph in the end.