new 3 ring binders from Staples

I just bought a 8.5 by 5.5 inch notebook at Staples that reinforced with rubber on the spine and around the edges, right where binders wear out. There is a clear cover and spine and it was only $6.99 with an additional $2 off. They also had a mini hole punch and a bunch of different accessories. A diyer's dream!!

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This one


Is this it? Staples Better Notebook Mini

With a side of Accessories...

I don't see a mini punch, but the regular size punches can be adjustable..


In store or ordered ?

Shris's links look great, but my disappointment was that they look like stuff you have to order as opposed to walking into a retail Staples and picking it up off the shelf.
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in store

yes, that is them! I bought them in the store. They were on a display.

Lay flat?

I'm wondering how flat they lay when opened. It drives me nuts when I have to use any force to keep something open while writing in it. That's a main reason I've stuck with Circa for so long.

opens flat

it lis completely flat as it has d rings

It's true.

I was back-to-school shopping with my daughters, and they were prominently displayed in oodles of colors.

Interestingly, one loved them and took great joy in picking different colors for different subjects, while the other daughter pronounced them annoying. She said the rubber around the edges makes it heavier and more difficult to slide into a bag, and she opted for the old-fashioned kind.

I guess it depends on how you use it. (Doesn't everything?)

Punch price?

Did anyone see how much the punch is? These look cool! Thanks for sharing, I plan on checking them out later this week.

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the punch i bought in-store was half page size

and it was $6.99. they had in quite a few colors. mine is turquoise.

I have looked at all the hole punches on the Staples website and

I read the reviews and everyone seems disappointed by them.

I just want a reliable 3 holes punch for half letter size pages without the need to adjust anything.

If any of my fellow DIYers find one, somewhere, please let me know. :)

I am not certain that such a punch exists

The heavy-duty, and thus durable, punces are the big adjustable ones. Punches made only for statement size paper tend to be made less durable.

It's the old story of :

  • Good
  • Cheap
  • Fast

Pick two
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Look what I found!

Swedish maker of paper punches, Opto.
There are little videos for each of them but the punch number and paper size is hard to see and figure out.

A distributor in Germany has a much more comprehensive description of the punches, which are branded as Regur, but are exactly the same.

Product compatibility with European Standard Organizers.

Filofax Mini: Punch 18

Filofax Pocket 22

Filofax Personal 41

Filofax A5 61

Filofax A4 84

Link to all compatible brands (Quo Vadis is included)

The link below shows a picture and name of the U.S compatible punches but it doesn't specify the paper size.

The link below shows pictures and names of the punches and it does specify paper size (A4 or A5) and the distance between holes (in millimeter)

Pictures of adjustable punches and info about their compatibility with paper standards and size worldwide.

Would 5 Holes Be OK?

Anne-Sophie, Franklin Covey has a heavy duty 5 hole punch that will work with 3 hole binders. I have one, but it's still in the box because I'm using Levenger right now. Moved once again from Moleskine 18 month planner, the madness never ends.

Metal Hole Punch

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It looks a lot like the ones made in Sweden

I choose a 3 holes binder/planner precisely because I want to avoid more.

However, my local Franklin Covey has cute looking dividers which I want to check out and most likely buy.

The punch should not be far and I can ask to try it, it would be cheaper than shipping from Europe and way easier than punching each page individually or with a plastic punch.

Thank you for the great link Inetken. :)

Edited to add that I found other potential contenders from PaperPro and Swingline

Anybody has experience with them?

that is exactly what they had in the store on display

a half page punch that was not adjustable, but the holes were in the right places - and in yummy colors too!


Now that some of you have owned these binders for over a month I am curious how you are finding them quality wise. I love little binders, but I found the rings on the Avery (I think that was the brand) binder I own got warped very quickly and I often experienced them popping open which ruined some of my paper. I've avoided buying another mini binder because of this. I am hoping people are having better experiences with these ones. They are so cute!

I love mineI

I know what you mean about the Avery - mine fell apart pretty quick. This one seems to hold up better. I think the d-rings help because it lies flat and is easier to open. I use mine as my planner so it is always in my purse. And since my husband and kids have to write all their appointments in "The Book", it takes a beating and is still going strong!