Index Card Stuff from Stables

Found a couple of new-to-me index card products at Staples today. The first is a stack of index cards, bound by a single ring and held closed with an elastic. Ive seen similar products, but the plastic covers had not only business colors, but some pretty patterns as well. I also picked up an Oxford Index Card notebook which is a spiral bound notebook containing pages of index cards, three to a page, which are perforated and can be torn out one by one. Plus, one of the workers there called me a young lady which, as I'm nearing fifty, is a rare thing. Altogether, a good trip.

I'm having real trouble dealing with my tasks. I've got them all on toodledo and access them with various programs, but somehow, stuff is falling through the cracks. I think I might try an index card based system again as that has worked well in the past.

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Arrrrgh !

You are doing this to me on purpose, right ?

You are going to MAKE me go to Staples to check this stuff out, aren't you ?

:) Just joking.
It's just my CDO kicking in (CDO is like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order as they should be)

Here is an Amazon link for the Oxford notebook -- nice, and nice price.

I will post links to the other stuff if/when I find it. I am interested to see the ring bound/elastic secured card stack for both design and price.
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and there's more!

Don't you just love how Amazon recommends related products? That's how I saw the 3x5 case with dividers in many colors. The name is:
"Green Oath 3 x 5 Inches Index Card Case, 5 Individual Index Dividers, Snap Button Closure, Set of 12 in 6 Assorted Colors, 2 Each of Blue, Hot Pink, Snow, Purple, Green, Graphite (50250-2073)"

and the link is:

My daughter has recently become as nonresistant to all things index cards as I am so since many of my index card products have disappeared into the heap of her stuff I think I need to purchase some replacement items. That's my story anyway.