Staples ARC Notebook Punch

I recently read Ygor's posting entitled "Levenger has a new punch ! Bigger than Desk, Smaller than Smurf-Zilla".

In it, Ygor said that he was seriously considering getting one.
Levenger's special, introductory price for the punch is $129.

Maybe not so fast.

Saw the new ARC punch at Staples.
It is also a leverage punch.
Staples says 8 sheets at a time, but it looks like it can handle more.
Looks similar to the Levenger punch in size and design...


It's $39.99 !

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Link, please

or a picture
or a SKU number
or more information, please, like the location of the Staples where you saw the punch.

Please ? Pretty please ?
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!!!!!!! I'm interested too!

Man, just past a Staples today. If I'd known...

I was also considering the new punch.

ygor, did you get the new levenger one? If so, can you tell the difference?

It looks like the punch is

It looks like the punch is an in-store item only.

See the following thread on FPN for more info

Zeroing in !

Long story short:
Confirmed: in-store item only, not online
Use Staples online chat to see if there are any available near you - they will ask for a zipcode
The Staples item number for the product is 324688

And !...
There are 3 in stock at the store nearest me !

AND !!!!...
The price, I was told, is $25.99 !!!!

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Cannot ask in store

You know the folks working at Staples are clueless about paper pr0n like this
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Thanks for the tip, $39.99

Online chat confirms my two nearest Staples have it, though at $39.99.

Can anyone confirm it punches the same as the latest, wider spaced Levenger punch?

I will definitely buy it at the lower price, not sure at 40 bucks.

There appears to be a sale in progress

I checked again with Staples online chat to check availability at a store near my work, and I was told that there is a sale going on that reduces the proce by $14.

I'm going to get one on my way home today. :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Levenger version?

Hi, did you get a chance to buy it and try it? Does it punch the same as the new wider space Levenger version? That is, assuming you also have one of those laying around to compare with. :-P

From a picture on the

From a picture on the fountain pen network thread linked above I can tell it does the smaller punches : ( I was expecting that though because the paper Staples sells also has the smaller punch holes.

got the new staples arc punch

Loving it! It is well-made and doesn't cost much. I went to get a couple of packs of paper and was surprised to see the punch on the shelf. I wasn't expecting it. It was like Christmas came early :)

Love this line so much and now with the punch I will be using it in my private practice. All my students create notebooks. As we learn, we add to the notebook. This line is perfect because it is affordable and flexible, and takes up less desk space. Oh yeah, I'm hooked!

Lucy the Literacy Lady, Literacy Intervention Specialist

Arc Coupon this week

Found the punch in two DC suburban Staples last weekend, sitting on the shelf with discs and page dividers. Was surprised to see how substantial it looked. Also noted that this week's Staples circular has a 25% off coupon for ARC products, good through October 15.

No regrets, just lessons learned.

Coupon and Colors

At least in my area, the coupon for arc stuff is not good for the punch.

HOWEVER, at Staples today I found the leather junior size arc notebooks in wonderful colors. I got red and blue, and might have to return to get pink and lime. Given that I just got my second paycheck as a mercenary (aka independent consultant) it made my day. Now I just have to figure out which project gets which color.


Thanks so much for sharing this! My husband and I ran by two different Staples in our area this evening. One had only the lime covers left. It isn't my favorite color but it is cool that Staples is offering some variety. At the second Staples I found some hot pink ones, yay!! The pink is gorgeous! I also picked up a letter size green poly notebook. The green is no longer on Staples website for some reason and was hard to find in stores for a while. I hope they start offering the colors in Letter size. I didn't see any of the red or blue colored ones. What kind of blue is it, a light one or dark one?

The Color Blue

It is a medium blue, but a brilliant jewel tone and entirely untestable. I do hope they come out with the letter size colors as well.


Thanks Lisa!! I was out of town yesterday visiting my in-laws, I ran into a Staples near their house and found a bunch of the blue notebooks. I bought one. The color is gorgeous. I am so excited about Staples new offerings!


How in the world did irresistible become untestable?

On a Mac?

Lion? Probably you misspelled irresistible, and it became untestable. ;-)



How did you know?


Happens to me all the time. I have become very untestable lately. ;-)



My Android turned a misspelling of "shake" into "Akhmed." I'm thinking some guy named Akhmed programmed it in there deliberately as a joke.

30% off coupons, yay.

I just found 30% off coupons for Arc Notebooks and accessories which I am 99 percent sure INCLUDES the punch since it is pictured on the coupon link and the coupon does not say not including the punch. Yay!!

Noticed the punch last week,

Noticed the punch last week, then was convinced to buy by this coupon. Unfortunately, my Staples was out of stock today, and would neither order it for me with the coupon (because it's not "online", as has been pointed out here) nor promise to honor the coupon in the future. *sigh*. It was an impulse buy anyway (I have the updated Levenger punch at home, wanted to compare and have a punch at my desk at work).

ARC expansion

I noticed the other day that even my little Staples in Rome, GA has the punch AND discs. The last time I was in there, they didn't have either. Looking forward to a little extra cash so I can stock up on discs and maybe the punch. I have the Levenger punch, but it doesn't handle many pages at once. The discs run from three to four bucks and they have the super huge ones.
Also covers and refills. I hope this lasts and they're still there when I actually have the cash to spend.

The difference between punches

No one answered my question about the ARC punch versus the normal Rollabind one, so last night I bought the ARC one, with the discount coupon.

In short, it is a much better punch in every way than the Rollabind one, but the answer to my question is, there is no difference in the style of punch holes between the two, so if you were interested in this as an alternative to the Levenger one, no, it doesn't punch like the Levenger one (as reported here, personally I have never tried it not seen it).

It is too bad, it is a pleasure to use it, but I will return it Thursday, as I know of no way of getting at least 25 dollars plus shipping for my Rollabind punch, otherwise I would keep the ARC one.

Missing Smurf in ARC Punch?

Dear friends: I recently bought an ARC punch 25% off at $30 at a Staples on Rte 1, NJ. There are 11 slots in the punch, but the middle one is blank. I set the slide for letter and junior, and there was no hole punched in the middle. I looked at the punch, and there is no cylinder/rod to push down a punch. Instead, there is a smurf symbol at the top of what should be a punch. Is this in any one's experience? Can you suggest what to do?


And take it back for a replacement.
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