What's going on with this site?

So I've been mostly a viewer and occasional commenter on this site, but there hasn't been an article posted in over a year. The forums seem to be slowing down too. I see a lot of other sites that have much more info and activity on our old fashioned analog world. What's the deal? I used to check this site daily, now only occasionally and now I'm turning to other sites.

This is one of my favorite sites. It introduced me to Levenger and Myndology and the people here are the best in helping each other out.

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It has its busy and dead periods

I am too swamped in work and home issues to do more than just look at the site daily.
I need to post a Lion re-build of the Dynamics for all them folks using Lion.

I also have the new Levenger punch and the new Staple's Arc punch that I need to compare to the old Rollabind, old Circa, and, my favorite, Smurf-Zilla, and report back to the forum.

The occasional "WTF" posting (like this) helps kick start the site.

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May The Force Be With You Always.
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Hi Ygor

The 'about' page doesn't say much about articles.

If some of us write articles, how would you like them to be submitted?


I second that and can also review D.I.Y related items and books.

Items Reviews would be from visits at stores and personal purchases.
I can also search for reviews of the same items in cyberspace, so different perspectives are given for each item.

Writing instruments are a big passion of mine and I can share my experience about the ones I have used, the ones that were not for me and my personal favorites.

Books would have to be available at the local library for them to be reviewed because I do not have the budget nor the space to store more books.

What I can do.

An ADD former pastor in search of structure....but enjoying a certain level of chaos!

I'm now semi-employed so I have some time but no $. I will, however, help in any way I can. I can help update templates. (The dynamic one's don't always work, perhaps I just don't understand them well enough.)

I'll work at some things to upload over the next month.


Ex-squeeze me ?

If the Dynamic Templates are misbehaving, I would like to get some details so that I can fix them. Folks depend on them since I wrote the application to save Doug the fuss of hand creating new calendars every year.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Dynamic templates

I'm not certain Dynamic Templates are the problem, it is just as likely I need to spend some dedicated time making it work with my printer.

::running out the door, more later::

In the about section there

In the about section there are four regular contributers and five guest posters. However it seems that ygor is pretty much the main contributer now. I imagine just the Dynamic Templates is a lot of work. Does the site need more/new contributers?
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What can we all do to help?

This site is a pearl in the ocean of the web. I'm a professional trainer in management best practices with a PhD in public administration. I don't have a website (no time to commit to one, yet.) I think I can recognize excellence and this site is in what I consider to be the best practice category. The Dynamic Templates 2.05 is a godsend. The variety of templates you present from contributors is, at times, confusing and at other times is exhilarating and triggers ideas. It seems like there are a lot of people out here who want to be able to have your back.

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Where are we now?

Hi there, I haven't been by in quite a while. Like many of the folk that used to check in every day my life just seems to have got busier. I tend to just buy notebooks/diaries/planners now as I dont have time to print and cut and punch. I did recently pick up a Cross agenda (filofaxalike) which made me pop on here and see what templates were hanging about.

Interesting to read the messages about the forum and folk keen to contribute. If I contributed it would probably only consist of stationery reviews and I'm not sure that's what this site is really about. I am fascinated by how people plan and stay on top of things and could do a one off of my system. I do spend much of my time wasting time on twitter which always has good links to planning type stuff and that may be a good way to promote articles and interesting posts when they appear. I know its not everyone's thing but does bring a new audience to a blog/site quite effectively.

Anyway good to see ygor is still keeping everyone in line



the other sites?

Enquiring minds want to know...what are those other sites where there is more activity? Would love to find some new ones to read.