A Cautionary Tale

Sooooo... I got my first smart phone, a Droid 2. And then I found a really cool App for To Do lists. I took all my 3x5 cards with all 8-10 lists of various subjects and put them all on the smart phone with appropriate reminders.

And it worked wonderfully. Until my phone had to have a "hard reset" because the keyboard was not functioning properly. All the Apps I had downloaded were eliminated from the phone. Oh they were out there on the web, and I could download and install them again at no additional cost. Buttttt, yep you guessed it...all the contents of the apps that I put into them, had disappeared.

I lost all my lists. And tasks.

So, now I am back to 3x5 cards. Even though my email has a task list app, and it saves it to my email site. I don't like it. So I don't use it.

And I'm still trying to recover (mentally) all the lists I had, one, and two what was on them.

*Sigh* Beware the technology....

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Been there, done it all

All electronical devices are the same. There will always be glitches. Which is why I always use pen and paper, despite what those tech geeks say. At least I still got all the backups!

You can go lite with just your smartphone but remember to set aside time (end of day or 1 day a week) to put all notes into paper. Even though I bounce from different types of planners I always have 1 main one at home to fill out for the year. I just sift througth the day's notes and only transfer the ones I need that sums up the day.

But on the other hand ...if you lose your paper planner....

You can lose your "mind" whether you are using paper/pen or going electronic.

I am currently using an electronic to do list, but backing up in "the cloud" and printing archives on weekends. So far, so good.

Trust Me, I'm an Engineer

And an electrical one at that -- with a masters degree. Back everything up. Electronics a fickle and not to be trusted.