Avery Write On Dividers for Binders

Many years ago, I discovered this product.

I had a lot of letter size paperwork to sort out. Many important projects had to be portable, organized and nice looking. And I was on a budget.

The Tabs were great performers on the spot. I used a mechanical pencil to write the title on each tabs, it didn't smudge. Despite lots of handling, the tabs corners stayed intact.

Over the years, Avery has expended this very dependable line of letter size dividers by offering color coded laminated write-on tabs then plastic, rounded corner write on tabs. The entire line can be found here

I remember the plastic rounded corner write on tabs catching my eyes a while ago, but I do not remember if I added them to my stationary stash or not. But, this year, while searching for 5.5 x 8.5 Plastic Dividers, I found these and these.

The second tab dividers also exist in the Retro Circles pattern in a orange and lime theme color. All are 7 holes punched for easy fit in most half letter size ring binders or organizers.

The Multicolor set is very light has the durability of hard plastic, yet is not stiff. The tabs' corners are gently rounded making them easy to hold and turn. The very soft and semi-translucent colors are: pastel blue, ice grayish white (very elegant), pastel green, pastel yellow (somewhat see-threw) and the loveliest of ice cornflower purplish blue (somewhat see-threw as well). I got my set at Office Max.

The Spring Leave Design dividers take their names from the pattern in the front of each divider. There are two mauve dividers, two pastel pink and a light sea blue one in the middle. The patterns have contrasting colors on each divider, which might explain why they are in the high $5 range, in contrast to the plain dividers, in the $3 range.

They are well worth the price and the trip I made to the next town to the only place I could find them. The only Franklin Covey retailer in my state. I cleaned up their stock of the product on display (4 sets).

The Spring Leaf set is a must have for anyone who loves pink and purple; the Translucent set is an affordable, fun and professional looking tool.

In my enthusiasm, I forgot to say that I am not affiliated with Avery in any ways.

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good product

Thanks for the reminder of this product. I have used them a lot but forget about them when I occasionally switch planner formats.

Tabbed divider hint

Excellent review, Anne-Sophie! I've promoted it to the front page.

One thing that a lot of people don't know is that most letter-size dividers are also perfect for classic-size (5.5" x 8.5") planners as well. Try this: line up a 5.5x8.5 page against the top right corner of the letter-size dividers stack (don't include the tabs themselves). Depending on the maker of the dividers, you'll probably note that the top 5 or 7 tabs work out nicely to the size of the paper. Discard the other tabbed sheets for now, and use a guillotine to cut the dividers to the size of the classic-size paper. Use a hole punch compatible with your planner, and voila! you have an excellent set of tabbed dividers for a fraction of the price of the "specialized" classic-size ones.

all my best,


Are they thin enough to punch for Rollabind (aka Circa/ARC)? The ring binder holes tend not to be an issue when ring punching, but really thick plastic can be.

Also, if the can be punched, are they thick enough to serve as covers? A source for cheap covers would be nice as well.

I'll have to nab some if they are at Staples.

I do not think they can be

I do not think they can be punched further because they have already been punched 7 times and the plastic is kind of thick.

If you could find them on sale (which I doubt at this time of year) you could try to cut a slit in the already created holes to fit them into ring systems.

I think that other products in the Franklin Covey line would work better such as Classic-Tabbed-Divider-Pockets-Set-of-5



As you can see they already look a lot like a disk binding product.

A cheaper solution would be to follow Doug's advice on turning paper letter-size dividers to perfect for classic-size (5.5" x 8.5") planners dividers.

I make "covers" to archive letter size papers by placing card stock inside 2 economy weight sheet protectors. The lighter weight poly enable the front page to be turned like a book. The poly pages and the paper pages are secured with paper fasteners (picture below)

I want to use a similar setup for my half letter size paper but I am still looking for suitable aka flexible half letter size sheet protectors.

I will share when I find a solution to that problem.
I use the word problem because one of the biggest inconvenience of binder planners is their tendencies for becoming overstuffed thus too heavy.
I believe it is part of the reason planners binders are abandoned, traded for smaller size binders, then picked up again when the smaller size binders prove unsuitable.