Uh oh ... I think I'm in trouble now

I just got the Franklin Covey Christmas catalog in the mail. It seems they've expanded their formats and actually have a few that would work quite well with GTD. Couple that with the fact that I just got a new bottle of ink in the mail (Diamine Ancient Copper) and I think I may be about to go back to paper....

And on top of that ... my thought for the day email was something to the effect of focusing on the day to day tasks instead of goals leaves you really attached to the tasks ... seriously paraphrased, of course. So, I'm thinking of retiring Astrid (I love Astrid) and going back to paper.

Back on the organizer see-saw...

Any words of wisdom? How 'bout an intervention? Is it too late for an intervention?

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Be a shame to waste that

Be a shame to waste that lovely russet by leaving it in the bottle...

Bob H.

This catalog ?

If this is the right one, what page(s) caught your interest ?

Oops, that's last year's :(

On this page, is it "Resulutions 2012" or "Holiday 2011" ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Resolutions 2012 did me in

The Master Plan format - 1 page per day. I still think there is too much calendar, but it really is tempting. I also liked the Perspective line on page 27 - the flexibility is really appealing to me, since my appointment calendar lives on line.

We shall see

I had to request a copy of that catalog. They are not available online. I will take a close look at those pages.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Go for it!

I am also going back to a proper analogue planner.

For many years, I was juggling computer and cell phone calendars with a yearly printout from the computer calendar, as well as paper copies of the busiest months, weeks and days.
In addition, I hauled paperwork, notes, a letter size and a half letter size notepad as well as an index card size scratch pad into a poly envelope.
I carried all of this inside various but unsuitable bags.

I discovered this site with great joy, I had found people who thought office supply stores were toys/candy stores for grow ups and loved office products as much as I did.

I signed in, so I could post and share ideas with others.

Thanks to all of you, I have finally found a system which looks professional but not stuffy.

It includes color coded pouches which look like slim briefs and accommodate letter size paperwork and notes.

A Field Journal Notebook which is organized with Avery dividers and Franklin Covey sheet protectors and contains my calendar printout(s), half letter and index card size notepads and writing paper punched with a Franklin Covey punch.

All of which is contained in professional looking bags or cute backpacks for casual days.

The whole setup is imminently portable, stylish and easily archived inside office supplies I already own.

The digital component is still important.
Open Office create custom calendar and templates printouts, e-calendars with sharing capabilities and Smart Phones are still used for important visual reminders for essential deadline and as auditory alarms for timely wake up calls, meetings, appointments and transportation schedules.

Sorry for being yappy but I am so exited!

Please let us know what system, size, kind of paper you will be using and which fountain pen will be holding that beautiful ink color. :)

I see saw all the time between digital and analog

I keep going back and forth between the two. I'm starting a new analog cycle. I want to get into Disc binding a system, but have not been able to get a punch. I currently have a Piccadilly notebook based system. I'll keep my digital system semi alive as well. That way I am ready no matter how I decide to go.

Just an update

I picked up the blooms one page per day format and dusted off my old franklin-covey binder. There is something about just sitting down and paging through a ringed binder that makes me feel like I have everything under control...wish me luck.

Happy New Year, all. May it be an organized, productive one.