Pen Suprise!

I found a suggestion on the internet that with a little surgery A Montblanc rollerball refill will fit in a Pilot G2 pen. I went to my local pen store, and asked for a Montblanc rollerball refill. I told them what I was going to do, and they let me know that a Faber-Castell rollerball refill would fit exactly. So I installed the Faber-Castell refill in one of my Pilot G2 pens and it fit perfectly.

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Why do you want to do this?

Is the ink better/smoother/whatever than the regular Pilot refill?

Or is it just a way to avoid paying for the more expensive outer casing?

I find the refill to write

I find the refill to write better than the G2. It is smoother when it writes, and the ink starts to flow faster as well. This is a way to get an honestly better pen without buying the outer casing too.

Ah, okay. Maybe I'll give

Ah, okay. Maybe I'll give it a try, after I burn off the 21 G-2s I have on hand. (Great back to school sale booty.)

BTW -- how much did FC refill cost?