Me again--Classic Size

I think I know what I would really like at this point.

For 2012:
A two-page-per month EDITABLE calendar for Word or Publisher. I would like to add some of my artwork.

A one-page-per-day EDITABLE calendar. Again for Word, Publisher or even InDesign.

If there is an easy way to create these without having to type in all the dates for the whole year by hand, that would be great. I've been searching online for hours.

I did find the "Dallas" docs but they don't seem editable as much as I'd like. Also, while I have Acrobat Pro, I don't seem to be able to edit PDFs.

Thank you again.

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Mail merge...

There's been threads in the past, but have you considered creating a template for the page-layout you like and then using the Mail Merge feature for Word/Publisher to add the dates? Theoretically, if you had quotes/memos/words you'd like to include at "random", Mail Merge would do that too.

That's an excellent

That's an excellent idea--only I have no idea how to use Mail Merge at all. I don't see anywhere on it that says you can add dates or quotes.

Any idea where I can learn how to do this? Thanks!!!


I posted some instructions on this site a while back. There should also be directions in the help files of whichever software you're using for it to fill in the blanks.

Do a search on the right-hand sidebar for the mail merge term and you should find the old post, along with a few other discussions rather like this one.


Thank you. Off to try and

Thank you. Off to try and find the thread.

EDIT: I did find it. What a great idea! However, I already have monthly pages done. What I need is to add dates to my one-page-per-day template that I created as a master page in Publisher. If anybody has figured out how to do that using Excel, that would be great. But myself, I just don't understand how to set up a spreadsheet that would work like that.

I'm willing to type in the dates by hand at this point.

What I'm also struggling with is the collation, I guess you'd call it. In other words, how do I make sure that I type in the dates in correct order so that when I do duplex printing, they are in the right order when I put them in the binder?

Am I making sense?

Page number?

If you're doing them one month at a time you could use the page number function. To print correctly, you can use the Even/Odd pages print feature.

Excel Suggestion

Not sure I understand the reference to Excel with Publisher however if you have a Template of day per page as an Excel sheet the following might help.

Format the appropriate cell of the first sheet as a date cell and enter the date of the first of the month. Create a 2nd sheet in the same table and copy the first sheet into it. Change the date cell in the 2nd sheet to a calculation of sheet1 Date cell + 1 or =Sheet1!A1+1 if A1 is your date cell. Create a third sheet as a copy of the second sheet and change the date calculation to reference the date cell in sheet 2 or =Sheet2!A1+1. Continue this until you have say 31 sheets and each sheet except sheet 1 has a date calculation of adding one to the date of the previous sheet.

Save these away and to create a month's worth, change the date in sheet 1 and all the other dates change with it and print what you need. Note that if you have 31 sheets and the month in question does not have 31 days, your last sheet will be the next month, e.g. for June, sheet 31 will be July 1.

If you want you can also play around doing day of week calculations e.g. Monday or day of year calculations, e.g. March 30, 2012 is Day 60.

This is similar to what I do except I only do a week or 7 days at a time and have calculations for day of week, week number and day number. After printing, I save it with the dates just printed so I can pick up at the same point later. OO-Calc is probably better than Excel at this as it adheres to ISO date standards unlike Excel.

Bob H.

The Dynamic Templates output SVG

Scaled Vector Graphics are easily edited.
I believe InDesign can import SVG.

The problem with Word, Publisher, and InDesign is that they are all proprietary file formats with no open source API (application programmer interface) that I know of. If you know of one, please speak up.

For adding your own artwork: How about using the template as an overlay ? Print your artwork and then print the template on top of it.

About "having to type in all the dates for the whole year by hand", I am working on importing an iCalendar file to do that.
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Um...I don't even understand

Um...I don't even understand what an SVG is. I surely don't know what an API is.

I think I"m in way over my head here. All I was able to find was an old Publisher classic set of pages that I can certainly alter with text boxes, etc., but I just can't figure out how to get the date in there...

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***