Recycled Diary 2012

Hi all

wonderful website, and pieces of software.

I'm trying to make a very simple dated diary/planner out of "printed on one side" printer paper as an environmental effort.

A6 size (European equivalent of a Hipster 3x5"), one day per page, 4 days per A4 sheet.

I want to automatically generate this for the entire year.

At present, I am generating 1 x A6 page from DIY Dynamic Templates.exe for the full year. But then I have to print 4 per page in a pdf editor, and add two jpegs of lines to split the page into 4 for cutting up. See attached.

I'm willing to put the work in, but can someone direct me how I can achieve the above automatically, either with DIY Dynamic Templates.exe or DIY Planner. So I don't have to make the additional steps.

Also, the next stage would be to have 2 days per page, which the DIY Dynamic Templates.exe doesn't currently do.

Thanks so much


Calendar 2012 One page.pdf148.25 KB
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Not yet

What you describe is a concept in the printing/publishing industry called Imposition
On my To-Do/Wish-List of features for the Dynamic Templates is to add the ability to generate n-up pages.

For now, you have to do it yourself.

The easiest way I can think of is to print using Adobe Acrobat Reader and take advantage of its ability to print multiple pages per sheet.

The next level involves the only software I have found to date that lets one impose PDF's. It is called multivalent.

If you search this forum for "multivalent" you will find several examples. This requires a bit of techno-geeky-savvy to make happen.
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4 up printing

As Ygor said, you could use your printer to print the page 4-up. ie. print 4 PDFs on 1 page

On a different approach, you could edit the template you uploaded so you have 1 template for each month. eg 4 diary pages on one sheet each headed "M T W Th F Sa Su _ January", the next template "M T W Th F Sa Su _ February" etc.
Then print off as many sheets as you'd need for 1 month.

All you'd have to do each day is to circle the day of the week and write in the date. This would also give you the option to have 2 pages for a day if you needed them

Printable Recycled Diary

Brilliant, thanks. Trouble is, it's about as much work as me adding in a graphical line in pdf editor. I was trying to make something that someone who isn't very tech savvie could use. I think I'm better off waiting for a future version of your software. Thanks to Ygor and Kat