Review: M by Staples™ Arc System Desktop Punch

No review of the Arc notebook system is complete without looking at the punch. I still find the notebooks to be a very good value, but unless you want to be tied to Staples for buying paper you will want one of these. I noticed that this punch tends to be less expensive than other brands of punches of comparable quality. I have been able to punch the advertised 8 sheets of paper as well as thinker materials including thin cardboard. The only problem I found is that the two arms can lock down, but the lock doesn't always stay locked. Overall I really like the punch and I have not been disappointed with it.

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Buy this from Staples, but NOT Rollabind

I bought this punch out of frustration.

I waited a MONTH for a simple 3-sheet punch from Rollabind. They kept giving me cockamamie excuses about "delays from China", "it's stuck in customs", etc., etc., etc.

This punch works fine. However, I will never buy something from Rollabind.

Rollabind Punch

I heard the same song and dance from Rollabind like 3 or 4 years ago and gave them over 3 months (between waiting for the punch to ship, get out of China, stuck in customs, on it's way, etc and then waiting over a month for a refund) before I filed a dispute with my credit card and got my money back that way. I'm sorry to hear they're still not any better :( I saw this punch at Staples and think I might go ahead and get it!

Get it...

...don't wait on them.

They returned my money right away, but apparently customer service isn't their forte'.

But it is Staples'.

The decision to buy this punch is a no-brainer

$40 vs. $60 for Rollabind and the fact that you can likely walk into your local Staples and find this punch on the shelf === an easy decision.

I concur with jordanjm's description and review: this punch is an excellent value and very functional.
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New Levenger punches... punch holes very similar to the Levenger prepunched paper. (The difference is now no longer meaningful.)


Best Punch Ever

I purchased this at Staples and have yet to have any trouble with the punch. It matches the Arc systems perfectly (I can't say that about other systems that I have tried) and I have even talked my daughter into using it instead of buying a new calandar every year.

Portable Punch

I picked up the Arc portable punch from Staples, and I have to say I'm astonished with how well the little thing works. It's not like the crappy plastic punches I used to see as 'portable' from Covey.
This is metal, and goes through cardstock with almost no fuss.