Review: Piccadilly Notebook Graph

When I came across the Picadilly Essential Graph Notebook I was looking for an alternative to the Moleskine notebook. I like graph paper in my notebooks, and that is what this one is.

My notebook is the medium size, which is my preferred size. My notebook has a hard cover much like the Moleskine cover. It takes the wear of being in a bag well.

It has the features of a Moleskin notebook; elastic to hold it closed and pocket in the back. The elastic is comparable to the Moleskine. I believe the pocket is well made and will hold up as well as a Moleskine's.

So far I have used Pilot G2 pens with this notebook and Waterman fountain pen ink (Brown), and they take the ink well. I see shadows on the reverse side of the pages when I write on the back, but the ink does not bleed through. Based on the use of the pens I have used I have seen comparable paper to the Moleskine in quality.

I would definitely purchase this again. I have been happy with it, and feel that it is a great value when compared to the Moleskine.


  • Slightly less expensive
  • Easier to find, as it is usually available where Moleskine notebooks are.
  • Paper works well with Gel pens and fountain pens.
  • Cover is heavy duty.

I give it a rating of 10 out of 10.  

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How are the lines?

I really like to use graph paper, too; however, most of what is for sale in my area has such a "powerful" grid it's hard to see what you write. I'd like graph paper that has lighter (weight) lines printed in a lighter color (gray, lt. brown, etc.) rather than black or dark blue. The only good stuff I've found is lab grids of various dimensions at a university book store and it's too much for my budget (comes one sheet at a time for 40-some cents a page!)

elastic gave out

I have these too and generally like them a lot but I find that the elastic stretches out. On the one that I am using now the elastic has completely given out and just hangs there. I'll probably just cut it off but some day when I have a bit of free time I'll see if I can replace it.

Very bad experience with Piccadilly...

Not sure why the high marks.

Every Piccadilly notebook I have has had:
* binding cracks
* cover "peels away" from rest of book

While the paper is good, the build quality most certainly is not. You can keep these books inside, and I'd imagine you'll be ok. But if you use these in any real-life situation (put in my car, shove in backpack), let the buyer beware.

I'm not a shill for Moleskine, but having now tried the competition, I can see why the cost difference.

Just my $0.02.

If it is helpful to anyone I

If it is helpful to anyone I saw these notebooks on sale in Barnes & Noble. About 60% off. Just for clarity, this was in Honolulu so it may differ on the mainland. BobH.