New work need new planner

I recently found a job after being unemployed 1/2 of last year (yea!). Anyway for this I need a different type of planner.

I work with at risk kids and travel a rather large area so my car is my office. My co-workers use a large calendar from Target, 2 pages per month. This allows for the entire month to be on view when scheduling new appointments. I've looked through the site without success. Does any one have a template to share? What I have in mind is room for the month, plus so data on clients (treatment units authorized etc).

I've tried making one but ...... well it would be better if someone better at DTP had one I could use and modify.


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How about...

This link may be what you are after.

Bob H.

Thanks off to check those

Thanks off to check those links before my next client.

Have you tried the Dynamic Templates ?

There are a few two-page-per-month designs built in
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