Staples is having a sale...

ARC line is Buy one, Get one in their stores right now. Ends on May 5th at closing time.

I thought I'd share since I was excited to hear it. I just wish we had a Staples closer than 1.5 hours away!

Also, on the website only they have a 3 pack of Pink Ribbon Pentel Energel pens. These are great if you have never tried one. Lovely silky ink. ^^

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Here in the Boston area most

Here in the Boston area most stores are clearing out their 4" x 4" super sticky lined Post It notes. Originally they were clearance priced at $8.30 per 6 pack but were then reduced to $4.70 for canary and $5.30 for the pretty, pretty colors and some of the not so pretty colors. I've loaded up on a bunch of those.

For the ugliest colors --recycled earthy tones-- I scored 2 packs at $0.50 per pack.

And they had these really cool "Carolina Pad" 8.5" x 11" notebooks in a "scrolling along" velvet flocked cover in a floral damask motif with a simplified shadow print of the motif on the front and back of each lined page (100 pages in all). My sister likes these so I picked up a bunch in black, gold, and purple. The next size down was only $0.50 cents less but I bought a handful of those when the price dropped to $2.40 each.

I'll be giving some of the smaller ones to my daughters teachers at the end of the school year.


I just bought a huge stash

I just bought a huge stash of sticky notes... Something like 18,000 for just $5 at Staples X)

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18,000? Wow, that's a whole

18,000? Wow, that's a whole lotta stickies.