Balanced Life for Circa

I received the new Levenger catalog and spotted the "Julie Morgenstern's Balanced Life for Circa." It looks interesting and I may try to incorporate some of the forms (in a DIY way, of course) in my own Circafied DIY planner. Has anyone tried the Balanced Life system? What parts did you like and why? What parts did you not like and why? Did you like the "Do-Every" cards or did they just get ignored after a while because they get moved? My one child is graduating from high school next month and I am looking forward to finding some balance and not just taking care of activities, sports events, etc. for my daughter every day after work.

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Saw that


I saw that too. I read her books and liked most of them, but I won't be buying her stuff. She's licensed her name to Covey too, I think. I like her idea of the time map where you lay out your typical week and figure out what's immovable/spoken for already and what spaces remain that you can fill with what you want to do. Containerizing time, I think she calls it.

I am going back to my SHE stuff right now, I liked my 3x5 box better than almost every other system I've tried, simply because I don't have to print forms. With the SHE format, you have repeating cards you move around the box, but they also recommend marking them if you skip doing it, and you're only allowed two skips before you *have* to do the card. SHE, by the way, is Sidetracked Home Executives, a system described in a book of the same name. It was created for controlling housework and home life, but it applies perfectly well to the business side of things too. It's almost the opposite of GTD, in that everything gets a date rather than being added to a list. But it still allows you to do a brain dump, file the results, and forget them until the cards come up.

So anyway, I can't speak to Julie's planner formats, but I liked her books. I find some of her ideas very complimentary to other systems. Page forms should be what you want them to be, and it's really not necessary to have forms at all if you don't want them. Format should be secondary to the goal and the method.


Good thought - potential source for ideas

In the spirit of DIY-Planner, sounds like the book is worth looking at for time management ideas and techniques.
Then use them YOUR way.
I am going to see if I can get the book thru the library. My tax dollars at work :)

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***


I have a set of SHE cards too, and the original book. I also have my FLYlady lists. Both on paper and digital. I do love trying new forms though. It makes organizing fun. I get bored with the same format, system, cards, etc. and like to mix it up at least once or twice a year. I've had Cover, Franklin, DayPlanner, DayRunner, DIY many versions, and more. I switch as my needs change and my boredom grows.

After a bit of Google-ing...

This book is 8 years old.

It ain't Something New.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

The book isn't new

but the Levenger forms appear to be which is why I was asking if anyone had used the system and what their experiences were with it. I've read two of her books in the past and love to try out different tools - especially if I can find an idea then make it myself without having to pay Levenger prices.

Fixed system

Aesthetically, they're quite pleasing. But I don't want to be locked into a specific category i.e. Calls.

In general, I find Morgenstern's system to be a bit of a throwback.

Adapted it

I saw the Balanced Life for Circa and adapted it to suit my needs as it seemed quite interesting. The slots I created apart from the time segment, were Inbox, Personal projects, work projects, calls/appointments, maximise/minimise, etc. I am finding this to be the only daily scheduler which I have been comfortable using fore more than a week, so i think this works for me.

In case anyone is interested, I have just now submitted a word doc version of that under templates in diyplanner, so that people are free to customise it for their own needs.

Its in 2 page per day format- I print it on an A4/letter sheet in the 2 pages per sheet mode and then slice through it and Circa punch it for my A5 planner to use. Takes about 5-10 mins during the weekend to get this done for every week.


adapted Balanced Life template

Thanks for sharing this. I couldn't find your template. Do you know if it has posted yet?

Not posted yet

I have submitted it yesterday, but I don't think it's been uploaded yet- possibly will get done in a day or two.


Balanced life / Behance Action Method /Circa in Aus

I have been Circa surfing on the web, toying with the idea of moving from 3 ring classic to circa and I came across the Balanced Life Planner on Levenger's web site. I'm going to do what we all do and adapt some of the ideas to my current planner.
The bits that appeal to me are the stepped project pages (slice the bottoms of project pages in 1cm increments, easy!) and the do as you go cards. I found some small laminating pouches on special so I am going to play about with that. I have also read SHE's and FLYlady, and use facets of them all (more FL than SHE though) but they do not help me plan enough for the paperwork & budgeting side of our household, which is why I still need my DayRunner+ iPad.
Also on Levenger's website was the Behance Action Method "meeting" pages which really appealed to me as project planning pages. They have colour boxes at the side, the layout is closer than anything I have yet seen to my way of planning, which is lists + drawings + headings/topics.
I wish I could find a retailer for Circa with Australian friendly prices. I found Atoma dot com, who look like a Circa competitor but the punch is (gasp) $195 ...
Off to the LIbrary website now to look for Julie Morgenstern's books.
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Not in Aus

Hi Luc, As far as I know, Atoma/Circa/Levenger like products are not available locally in Australia. Marbig make some ring binder products like a business card holder under the name 'quickzip' but no punch and only one ring size about 2cm diameter. BobH.


Thanks Bob. There is a web shop for Atoma in Australia, but they are the ones who want $195 for a punch.
It'd be cheaper to buy from Levenger if the shipping is reasonable.
Sticking with DayRunmer for now, just revamping some forms :)
Unless I win Lotto!
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...