Blueline Miracle Bind?

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Only through a Twitter follow

All I know is that they followed me on Twitter. I'm already using Levenger Circa stuff, so their rearrangeable pages aren't a special lure for me.

Do you procrastinate?

Interesting, but...

They do sell a punch, but you still have to buy their notebook.
The punch holes look like inverted smurfs or wine glasses.
And they are available from lots different online vendors, but no brick-and-mortar stores, so you cannot inspect before you buy.

I agree with flexible fine -- I have too much invested in disc binding to try another method that, at first glance, appears less flexible.
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I saw some notebooks for

I saw some notebooks for sale the week of May 7 at BJ's on Rte. 1 in Edison, NJ. I didn't bother to remember details, because I was unaware there was a punch available, and there seemed nothing to recommend them over disc.