"Mini Goals" planning notepad, by Mary Kate McDevitt

Here is a hyper simplified "Planning and Productivity" methodology based on the idea that you should be able to get at least 2 things done a day.

The creator is an Etsy artist that does hand lettering. Each daily planning page is a half sheet large and lays out an engaging an whimsical nudge to get those two things done.

Mini Goals Notepad

I've seen varying descriptions of how many pages they contain but I picked up two 150 page ones on clearance at Staples for $1.50 each. There are fifteen basic designs in all. Page one is "TODAY I will get 2 things done 1) _____________________________ & 2) ___________________________ . At the bottom it says "Nice 2 less things to worry about later."

There are two designs with one big block of space to list more than two items. One of those reads: "Carpe Diem Today, not Tomorrow. Get to it.
1) _______________________ & 2) __________________________ . RIGHT ON.

You can always strike the number 2 and squeeze in a couple of extra tasks on those pages with room for only 2 entries.

I almost passed on them because the idea of devoting half of a page to two tasks seemed wasteful and ridiculous but I kept thinking about it and realized it could be a great way to at least get the ball rolling with some "leading tasks" and perhaps eventually customize my own and scale it down to quarter page size.

Anyways, it's fun and different so I thought I'd share.


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