Kid's Day Planner,


Someone mentioned finding some flickr pics of yours, so I went looking as well and found this:

What a great idea!! If I had any meaningful amount of free counter space I might try this with my 6 year old and soon to be 8 year old.

Perhaps I should try a wall version with vertical slip pockets.

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You could do it with magnets on the fridge..or lay them out on the dining table, or something else.

I like command clips, you could stick up command clips right next to the kids rooms, and put the cards in the clips..Blu tack would also work fine, I think..

It really doesn't have to be elaborate. I wouldn't suggest buying anything.

I have also written lists out on the kids' art easel, on the dry erase side.

Hang a string somewhere and using clothespins to attach the cards to the string..


Several Possibilities

  • A cork board at Rug-Rat level :)
  • Magnetic Paint that will let magnets stick to any wall surface.
  • Note holders made with clothes-pins One crafty example
  • I have whipped up clips like this with parts from the local craft store (A.C. Moore / Michael's) using either air-dry clay-compound or Sculpey for the base.

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