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I adapted this from Balanced Life for Circa by Julie Morgenstein as I wanted it customised to suit my own needs. I print it on an A4/ Letter size paper in '2 pages per sheet' mode and then slice through it and put it in my Circa planner.

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Please feel free to create your own customisation using this.. The 'Slider for Daily Routine' and 'Slider for 3 Weekly Outcomes' may seem a little confusing. Actually that is where I slide in my circa punched halves of 3x5 notecard where I have written my key elements of a'daily routine' on one half and on the other half, the '3 major weekly goals/outcomes' which i am aiming for that week. They help me stay focussed through the day.

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In my quest to find a planner that fits my new work-at-home office life, I stumbled upon Julie Morgenstern's planner system, but found it was not quite the perfect fit. I checked here, hoping someone had started something that worked from them, and voila!

Would you mind sharing your "key elements of a daily routine?"