Two duct tape covered comp books and one enlarged 3x5 binder

Yeah!! I finally covered 2 composition notebooks with duct tape!!! :)

And, I finally uploaded some pics to my flickr account. I am attempting to post the link here:

You can see the black marble cover faintly showing through the light background of the Hello Kitty Duck brand duct tape and I tried cutting it to fit rather than trimming afterwards so you can see some black along the edges. Also, I didn't try to match the pattern at the seams the way you would with wall paper but I think you could with a small amount of overlap, and obviously some waste.

The Platypus brand Diamond Plate is a better quality and it was easy to match the seams with no overlap. It is stiffer but that wasn't an issue for this project. Note, my older daughter wanted me to make a journal for her so I used pink and didn't cover the back. It took exactly 4 strips to cover the front and the left side edge landed right on the binding, so I added a pink strip of Scotch brand so the exposed edge would be on the back, to reduce the chance of lifting and peeling.

Also, I enlarged a 3x5 index binder using the repurposed polyvinyl cover of a small calendar/planner. I punched the weekly and monthly calendars with a regular 3 ring punch and am using them as planning pages in the enlarged binder.

I covered the index binder with Scotch brand duct tape in a snakeskin pattern. It is the flimsiest of the three brands and has less thread running through the tape but that doesn't seem to hurt the appearance, at least not with this pattern. However, it was impossible to match the seams, even with overlap. This tape is already bubbling/lifting a little bit from the plastic binder but it doesn't show too much and doesn't hurt the overall look. The bubbling might be due to re-positioning the tape to match the pattern as best I could.

I have started to construct a pocket for a smart phone using a UPS mailer, rather than the Tyvek paper I was thinking about for the comp notebooks. And I have picked up some 1" black elastic with the goal of creating a closure.

I may or may not post pictures if I ever get around to finishing the pocket and/or the closure. I had the dickens of a time figuring out how to upload them from my cell phone. I finally had to email them to myself one by one then save them to a folder and then import them to my photo software and only then upload them to flickr ... ... ... aaaarghh!!!!!

I am now officially exhausted.

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Very nice

Makes me want to tinker in that direction.
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Oh, I like this!

Of course I like everything index cards. :D
And this is certainly classier than the hair elastic I use on my clutch of cards.

I've forgotten: why did you extend the sides of the cover?

I extended the cover so I

I extended the cover so I could use it for larger index cards (4x6) and quarter size pages (4 1/4 x 5 1/2).

If I recall correctly it's something some of the DIY Planner members have been looking for on an off during the years that I've been here. It's nice because you can use a standard punch and you can print some material on standard size paper. Although it is tough to get the margins to behave, especially when trying to create things like daily and weekly calendar pages in Word.

If you check out my flickr link you'll see a quarter page I printed out with some of my favorite quotations.


I love the Index Card Binder!!!

The index card binder is brilliant: I love the idea of quartering copy paper and reusing it versus buying index cards. If we could rate ideas on here, you'd get five stars or a 100% from me=)
Did you glue/tape the polyvinyl cover first? And then wrap the duct tape around it? I've seen small photo albums at thrift stores, so I might actually try getting one of those and cutting the cardboard cover to size.
I did some school supply shopping today and noticed a lot of snazzy duct tape prints at Staples, Office Depot and even our regional grocery store had a few rolls.
I know you're exhausted...but now you know how to continue showing us your crafts!

Ostrander, I tacked the


I tacked the polyvinyl extension into place with very small pieces of scotch tape on one side and removed the scotch tape once I applied the duct tape on the other side.

If you find a light weight mini photo album with rings placed the same distance apart as those in a 3x4 index binder please let me know. It could save me the extra effort of enlarging the index binder. Unless it's bulky, chunky or heavy.

I now realize that the biggest obstacle to taking pics was having a clean space with good overhead light to place the items I want to take a picture of. We decluttered the dining room table recently and I may post more pics if I can keep it clean.


tagged photos?

Cath- have you tagged these photos with the diyplanner tag? If not, could you please? That helps with finding these things in the future. :-)

As to the 1/4 US Letter size, if you cut it one more time, you end up with something slightly smaller than a 3x5 index card--not sure exactly, but I think it's like 4 1/4 x 2 3/4. This is, btw, the size of the PocketMod (, which sadly, seems to be now defunct. Thankfully, however, there is still RePocketMod. ;-) In European sizes, this is the A7 size. I think you should be able to find my own PocketMod hacks on Flickr.

Also, this post can give you an idea of what's possible if you _really_ want to go hog-wild with this size:

2-sided Printing of PocketMods and Page Packer pages

Jonglass, I thought I


I thought I grouped these pics under DIY Planner but I suspect I did something wrong. Time permitting I'll try to fix that at some point.

I haven't had much luck in the past with the DIY Planner "mods" but I will take a closer look at the 2-sided printing info you linked when I get a chance.



I haven't had much luck in the past with the DIY Planner "mods" but I will take a closer look at the 2-sided printing info you linked when I get a chance.

Printing is always a squiffy item--every printer is different, which causes problems with giving directions, etc. :-)

As to the diyplanner on flickr, you can add a tag, diyplanner. That seems to make these things easier to search for w/ Google, etc. HTH


Snakeskin Duct Tape!!!!

Thanks for posting pictures.
That snakeskin duct tape is so cool, your planner is gorgeous!
I wonder if you can get that duct tape in Australia?
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Unfortunately the Scotch brand of duct tape is flimisier

Thanks for the compliment.

Unfortunately the Scotch brand of duct tape is flimsier than Duck brand. So I wouldn't feel too bad if you can't find it in Australia.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the decorative layer seems to be peeling from the adhesive in some spots, leaving elongated bubbles that I can’t press out and re-adhere.

Also, along the vertical edge of the covers where I matched the edge of the duct tape the thread is starting to fray.

I don't know of any similar Duck patterns but Platypus brand does have brown leather. I haven’t seen that style in person but I have seen the “Diamond Plate” and based on that the Platypus brand is even heavier than Duck brand, which might make it harder to work with for some projects but it would probably be ok for covering a binder.

There is a little bit of good news on the Snakeskin pattern, while I had difficulty matching the pattern the way you would with wallpaper, I did see a listing on Etsy with a picture showing one strip laid down and another strip in the process of being laid down to match. My guess is that the pattern is "longer" than I would have thought and therefore I didn't my pieces long enough the find the "repeat" to match. That would probably create more waste.

If I were to try using a Scotch brand pattern again I would “wrap” the edge of the binder so it would be less likely to fray. Depending upon how “busy” the pattern is you might not even notice the bubbling.


Duck Tape Sheets

I was at Kmart over the weekend and noticed the display of pattern Duck brand tapes. The big surprise was underneath the rolls, where they had Duck brand tape sheets. Looked to be slightly smaller than 8 1/2 x 11".

They are expensive

I have seen those but they are expensive. One sheet is about half the cost of a full roll.

I guesstimate that a full roll would cover ten times as much.

Also, IMO, they are an awkward size. You could cover the front of an index binder but not a composition book. And you would need at least two sheets for the index binder.


but worth it?

I thought they were too expensive, too; however, I only rarely cover something so it would be worth it to me to have a solid sheet rather than trusting myself to lay strip after strip of duck tape and get them all placed properly (way to clumsy for that!).