Looking for the perfect planner

I can't seem to stick with one - like many of us I buy several every year. Right now I'm on the hunt for:

SMALL (purse sized)
weekly and monthly view
preferably weeks and months are lined
bound (hard or staples)
academic year would be nice so I could start using it now.

I can't find anything that I like that meets all the criteria. I don't love the notebook style rings because they will catch in my purse. Would love the new moleskin (plus notes) version but the weeks aren't lined.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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The first thought is "Do it yourself"
The problem with that is your binding preference.

I have some additional ideas, but how comfortable/enthusiastic are you about printing your own pages and doing some paper chopping and folding ?
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How big is your purse and

How big is your purse and how small is "small"?

If you are near a larger Walmart I would suggest browsing their back to school section. I saw a decent selection of 3x5 (give or take) to 5x? (give or take) academic planners. I have no idea whether any of them have the type of pages you want in the format you prefer.


My current purse is tiny

Like not much bigger than 5x8. I have a bigger bucket style purse I can go back to but I quit it because I made it so heavy. I will go to Walmart, thanks. I have tried Staples, Office Depot, and Target.

Ygor, yeah, I'm a pain about binding....

Just noticed the additional ideas

I could certainly try it. I have good paper - I have a ream from Levenger when they sold those forever ago and I have a laser printer. I don't have a good chopper, but I wouldn't let that stop me. What are you thinking?

Plan Ahead weekly/monthly calendar

I have a planner notebook, but it just holds my information/archive/quotes and notes, etc., etc. I use the Plan Ahead weekly/monthly pocket calendar (3 3/4 x 6 1/4" and approx. 1/4" thick) for my calendar. Not wonderful paper, but better quality the Filofax paper, for example, and it costs very little.

If you absolutely can't find

If you absolutely can't find what you want in the size you want you could try creating your own planner/organizer and binding it yourself by sewing or gluing it. If it doesn't have to look pretty you might even try using a heavy duty stapler although in a planner that size you would probably lose a significant, if small, percentage of usable page space.

That's a whole other level of DIYing. I think I've seen articles about binding techniques on this forum. You can try using the search feature.

Occasionally you'll see books on the subject profiled on the left hand column of this site. Or you can search the web. I'll bet there are some You Tube tutorials.

Frankly, that seems like waaaaaaay too much work for me.

If there were one desired feature I would encourage you to rethink the necessity of it would be the lined monthly pages. I took a quick look at a smaller planner (forget exactly what size) at Staples and those lines looked way to narrow for anyone to write in, but YMMV.




Frankly I am thinking it would be easier to find what you want pre-printed if you ignore the binding for a bit. Supposing you find something wire-bound or spiral-bound, you can cover those with stretchy fabric or paper to keep them from getting caught on stuff. All you'd have to do is get one of those stretchy notebook cover things the kids use on their textbooks (back to school is coming) or glue some paper over the rings (glued to the front and back covers while everything is closed) and then cover with packing tape or something to make the paper more tear-resistant.

If you find what you're looking for with the wrong binding, you can always slip the whole business into some sort of cover--like the covers they sell for paperback books..


Ooohhh. Shris, you may have a winner!

That's a good idea! You are right, there are some spirals out there that might work. I have been trying to find something to fit a compact circa in for about a year. Can't tell you how much $$ i have wasted. Even tried Ren Art but he said he couldn't make one that wouldn't add a lot of bulk. But good idea on ring covering!


I find that my circa discs are great in a purse. You can get them any size you need from levenger.com.

Anyone tried a paperback cover over Circa discs?

Intriguing concept Shris has mentioned. I do prefer my compact circa. It's so versatile. It just is a little big....

different ways

I've done this (on Flickr)

I fold the paper (A4) in half, and on the fold, punch the paper. I then make a couple more folds going the other direction, about the width of the rings. You can see the result in this photo (linked above).



I found a stapler at Staples (appropriately) that handles pages up to 12" wide. I have been making my own booklets 5"x8" by stapling letter size paper down the center. I have been very happy with the results.

Also a good idea

I like it :)

I WISH Levenger made a 3x5 Circa calendar.

Of course I'd likely be the only user. But that does give me another idea. Perhaps I could print a DIY to index cards.... Oh the possibilities.

You can definitely print a DIY anything to index cards

Calendar, to do, checklist, meal plans, fitness steps, dog training milestones, children accomplishments...

Most office, discount and big box stores sell small binders to hold the cards.

The templates are all over this site

I used to use a 3x5 DIY complete hipster pda circa setup with calendars. The templates are all over this site.

Nowadays I use a classic size, more space for notes, though it is not quite as convenient to carry as the 3x5 hipster pda setup was.

I think I found one

I'm not going to link because I don't want to get it caught in spam but I went to Calendars.com and bought a Jotter-style planner. It has not arrived yet, but I think it fits the bill! Update soon :)