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I went to take a look at WeekDate again, a calendar I'd spotted a few years back and liked because of the 'write only once' philosophy they espouse.

Alas, it looks like there are too few adopters to keep it going much longer. :( They have posted a notice saying 2013 is the last year for them unless they get a lot more orders than in past years.


Check them out here.


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Recurring Tasks

I checked them out when I was considering a new planner. While the recurring tasks had an appeal to me, one of the problems I have is that my recurring tasks don't recur at the same time every time. A lot of my recurring tasks just need to happen once a month, rather than on the 15th of the month. I've been playing around with the PlannerPad, which was my other choice.


This looks interesting, I may just give it a try. You might be able to make your own by designing some pages and circafying the center bit.

Killed for lack of flexibility

I often wanted to try it, but most of their products are Monday thru Sunday only. No one I associate with uses such a calendar, so I couldn't even use it as a gift.

Therefore, as far as I am concerned, they shot themselves in the foot.

I used their design as an inspiration for modifying my circa setup. Not nearly as good as theirs, but a few DIY calendars here and there improved things a bit on my notepad (one monthly, two weekly, and two yearly).

I've got the opposite problem with calendars

Monday through to Sunday is the preferred form for calendars here. The old thing ... Sunday is the 7th day and day of rest, and not the start of the week.

So anytime I've given anyone a Sunday through to Saturday calendar they smile politely but I don't see it hanging in their house.

I also find them useful to separate work life (Mon-Fri) from My Life (Sat-Sun).

However, I agree that they're rather pricey calendars for the info they hold. A $2 spiral bound diary and a bookmark with the regular events would do just as well.

business week

I understand that a Monday - Sunday calendar is more practical for many people, in part because their day of rest is Sunday. However, the reason many people rest on Sundays is because it is the first day of the week, not the 7th. It is largely a religious issue for them, at least where I have lived in the USA.
The 7th day of the week is Saturday (Sabbath for Jews and other religious groups). I understand the ISO 8601 standard that regulates the Mon-Sun week dates from 1988.

I tend to be somewhat of a literalist, so things like modified calendars I tend to find a bit jarring (same with moving holidays). I guess others who don't use the Mon-Sun week may think so as well.



I made my own. I used circa discs, and squashed the 'monthly' stuff into a small strip at the top of my 'weekly' section so I wouldn't have foldouts at the top AND bottom. I also put my discs in on the right-hand side of the dated pages, so that the facing page (lined in theirs, blank in mine) would be conveniently right-handed for me.

Basically, I used a spreadsheet that I formatted the way I wanted it. Formulas and conditional formatting took care of most of the coloring and numbering. Since most of my stuff is actually weekly or monthly, there's very little on the specific date pages. I scribble my notes on the blank back-side of the previous week.

For covers, I'm still working off a stash of clear vinyl I've had for years. Added a 2" tab as a pen loop, and some cut-down scrapbook paper as flyleaves.

I'm still using my outlook and google calendars--the electronic one shows my kids' calendars as well as my husband's and my mother's. Outlook is just work, but it also synchs to google. The nice thing about having this paper one on my desk is that I can see a week at a time, write down my to-dos on the week, and just sorta get a wider view than the google calendar on my phone allows. It's more of a reminder and a dated notepad than a main scheduling bible.


I bought one from them a few

I bought one from them a few years ago. The problem for me was that the calendar has to have a table to set it up on, since it opens in several directions at once. So it doesn't lend itself well to carrying around. And I also found it was kind of heavy.

As for the week's start date, I prefer Monday.

Is this a Job For The Dynamic Templates ?

If you folks like this layout, I can explore making some Dynamic Templates in this style. Since one of the "dynamic" things is the starting day-of-the-week, that issue should be solved.

This setup can easily be done with disc binding or other sorts.

If you want, I will be happy to lend some brain-power to the effort.

You only need ask. I love creating for this community. You provide great feedback that helps in the design and you folks really know how to stoke a guy's ego for work well-done.
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Save time


That'd surely save me some time setting it up once a year.. :)

My spreadsheet uses half-letter sheets, so it prints 2 weeks to a page. I have the same margins on the left and right so there's punch room on both sides.

A key point for me is the color. That is to say, a different color on the day numbers for which week of the month it happens to be, and a different color on the day words for the 'last' week of the month. I find that little pop of color to be a fascinating part of this layout.

Personally I happen to like Monday-Sunday, just because it's easier to write out the weekend plans spanning two columns than to write on two different sheets. But I fully support anyone else's need to have their week on whatever day they prefer. I use a gray shading on the columns for the weekend, and very light hairlines for the cells.


landscape vs portrait


The WeekDate has a landscape orientation..my original had the same. Now I am working on a portrait orientation, with foldout to the left. Week on left-hand page, blank on the right. Foldout at left is on legal paper, with monthlies squeezed and weeklies a normal 5x8.. This fits into the Lev classic leather cover I've had for ages..and I've got pockets and tabs and stuff I can use too if I feel like it.

Still takes up a bit of space to have it open, a bit more than a legal size sheet in landscape orientation. So it's still big, but only one foldout page is good. We'll see if I like it after a while. It's a little easier to set up the spreadsheet if a day is just one big row instead of trying to subdivide it.

Basically, this is week-on-a-page with notes on the right hand page. Can't remember if we've already got a layout like that. The color coding of weeks is very helpful, which I know we don't currently have in the dynamics. Then of course the one foldout sheet gets added. The foldout ends up being the page marker too, so if it came to scheduling something on-the-fly it wouldn't be particularly difficult to look at the repeating stuff..